Zhang Ming-en Xu Lu: The greatest responsibility of a man is to prove to the world that I love you.

 Zhang Ming-en Xu Lu: The greatest responsibility of a man is to prove to the world that I love you.


It is conceivable that the stars troubles in falling in love. Even if you dont fall in love, youll blow up some black stuff from time to time. The people who eat melon may not be afraid that the world will not be chaotic, but the entertainment industry has never lacked gossip - no gossip? Make gossip, everyone is behind the scenes. What about Zhang Ming-ens public confession of love? Xu Lu asked: do you think you are under pressure with me? For example, did you take off the powder when it was made public?

Does Xu Lu have no pressure? Cant Xu Lu take off the powder? Of course. Its just that for girls, its good to know the result from your boyfriends mouth. Or, thats a sign of insecurity. Is this a sub question or a proposition? Zhang Ming-en answered: De-flour must be de-flour ah! Why deceive yourself? Smart men should know that at this moment, only by answering truthfully can they pass the examination smoothly.


As a public figure, there is no way to do that. When we interact normally, I hope it will be a blessing from everyone and even everyone. I will also go to the social software to see those videos, and I will feel very good and interesting, like ordinary couples, laughing and playing on it, hoping to say why we cant do this. Do we, as actors, have to hide our private lives? I dont want to be that kind of person.

Zhang Ming-en still ignored the public love affair, the main purpose is: I think I need to give you a proof. What does it prove? To prove to the world that I love you - I think this is the greatest responsibility of men. Perhaps, many men think: What is this? I also need to declare sovereignty. The girl is the owner of famous flowers, and the other men are desperate. But there are also men who will not admit to killing.


Hearing Zhang MingEns words, Xu Lu burst into tears. (Wen/Piaoyutong) I can fully feel Xu Lus moving. What women want is this determination. This is not hypocritical, ordinary men and women will encounter all kinds of pressure when they fall in love - let alone stars. Some netizens even asked rudely: When did Xu Lu and Zhang Ming-en break up? If the person who sees it is uncomfortable, the client will inevitably be affected.

Girls need a sense of security that they cant see or touch. The man who really loves you, the pressure mountain also needs to support. The power and courage of love can be seen.

What impressed me most was that at last Zhang Ming-en was still comforting Xu Lu: Its all right. You have me. Is it particularly reliable to have such shoulders?