Half-blooded beauty bullied, five years did not come to the aunt, such a girl how to do the band lead singer?

 Half-blooded beauty bullied, five years did not come to the aunt, such a girl how to do the band lead singer?

Asked why she was out late at night, she said she had gone to drink with her agent.

Then happily say that they do music.

She accepted the program groups request to visit her home.

The girl said her name was Emily, American-Japanese, 28 years old.

She also laughed at herself, saying it was a delicate age.

Emily is a member of the independent band HONEBONE. It sounds cool, but the band has only two people. She is in charge of the lead singer and a guitarist.

Although there is a distance from mainstream music, it is still very happy to be recognized by the predecessors.

Once in Emilys house, the group was shocked. Its a studio.

Recording equipment, radio equipment are very professional, and there are all kinds of musical instruments.

Emily said many of her songs were recorded at home.

With that, she came with her guitar in her arms.

Emily was very happy to say that she was good at improvising and would use music to reply to other peoples troubles. Then she improvised a song for the staff who were worried about getting married:

Its not the time to say these things at all. / When you say these things, shell be robbed by other men. / Youre just saying beautiful things. / Or buy a ring sooner...

Such ballad lyrics, worried about the wedding show group said a little want to cry.

Emily has been making music for ten years, and in the past ten years, they have also released many albums. Unfortunately, their popularity is not high.

For example, this magical sand sculpture headdress, no matter from which point of view, you can confirm the eyes with it...

They are very cautious about MV and are willing to spend money, such as this headset costs 200,000 yuan.

In addition to the album collection wall, various DVS, the program team also found some pills.

Asked what it was, Emily said bitterly that it was something important to her.

She told the program that she suffered from uterine diseases, endometriosis and adenomyosis, which can lead to painful physiological period. The medicine helps to improve the pain.

So she hasnt had menstruation for five years.

The price of this medicine is also very high. She makes about 200000 yen a month, and taking medicine will basically spend her savings.

Then she showed off a stack of notebooks.

Because of her blonde hair, her classmates bullied her miserably on the grounds of definitely dyed hair and super dark personality.

Her death note records her gray teenage years.

There are her self portraits in the notebook, which are drawn by her who is excluded from the school group, why cant I be accepted? Clearly like you, want to join you.

She has all kinds of depression:

In order to adjust her mood, she bought a lot of psychological books.

She said naughtily that she liked the coil notebook because it looked like she could lock in her evil thoughts:

And this dark experience of being bullied has become the material of her songs.

The first time she wrote a song seriously was her experience of being bullied. Her name was red squid. She played and sang a paragraph:

Although I never thought about dying, I thought about disappearing, and the black diary was full of tears...

This is a song from the most secret part of her heart. The sadness and sincerity in the song touched her partner. They made this song and laid the tone for the band in the future.

Asked about her future goals, Emily said earnestly, I want to play in the Red and White Songs.

She said that because she has been working hard to be recognized by her predecessors, and has been insisting that there will be some fans, since she has achieved this level, then try again.

Emily is full of expectations: Although it will certainly be laughed at by others, I and my partner will persist in the mood that their dreams will come true.

Whether she was bullied by the campus as a child or suffered from serious illness, Emily did not give up in frustration. Her beautiful and energetic face did not seem to have been polished by life.

What is the meaning of music? For Emily, it not only enables her to find her true self, but also enables her to have an indestructible dream, which can dispel the pain with compassionate tenderness.

Take the scars as dimples, the songs written by such people must be very pleasant.