Zhang Yixing, who worked hard and hard again, finally gave up his agents efforts.

 Zhang Yixing, who worked hard and hard again, finally gave up his agents efforts.

She said that in the past year, she had a lot of dissatisfaction with her work, but now she has no ability and energy to change.

She said that she had been preparing for emergencies under high pressure and constant pressure for 14 years, and her body had been overloaded for too long, so she needed to suspend part of her work to recuperate.

It is worthy of being a senior broker in the circle. Yang Tianzhens statement is well received.

In fact, every artists fans will be dissatisfied with the company, broker, team, disgusted with the lack of resources, propaganda is not strong enough, anti-black do not do enough, and so on.

There are more and more things to do directly. During the year of Zhang Yixing and Yixin Entertainment Co-operation, fans complained and kept commenting under Yang Tianzhens Weibo.

Now Yang Tianzhen says that my work is wrong, but because of my body, I do not have the ability and energy to change at present.

As soon as the words came out, no one was embarrassed to spray on a patient who was working hard.

And the fans of the artists who stay in one heart are not too ashamed to scold.

On the other side, Zhang Yixings studio also made a statement, good gathering and good dispersal.

As soon as the news came out, it rushed into a hot search.

Later, some people sent microblogs to joke that the first time they met an artist was because the broker couldnt keep up with him.

However, it is not surprising that this happened to Zhang Yixing. Many people who know Zhang Yixing said that his workload and journey were horrible.

Because of the pressure of work, the staff around Zhang Yixing can not afford to eat, and so resigned.

During 16 years of team work, Zhang Yixing fainted at the airport.

The staff later said that fainting was due to insufficient sleep.

Zhang Yixings journey from fans shows that every day since New Years Day, he has been on an intensive journey, filming, recording variety shows and concerts without pause.

The journey is seamless, even if there is any physical problem, it can only be supported.

Twelve years later, he was helped by staff at the airport because of a lumbar injury.

He also fainted when he was recording Extreme Challenge.

After lying in bed for a while, Huang Bo carried him to the hospital.

Zhang Yixing apologized for the delay in recording and said he was sorry.

He said that Zhang Yixing was the first artist he met in the gym after 12 oclock.

Qian Feng also said that Zhang Yixing worked hard.

Gu Zhixin added that the child really worked hard, reciting lines and doing push-ups there.

Intensive journey is unavoidable is the lack of physical strength, after a show, Zhang Yixing stepped off the stage and fell down, after which he said that his feet cramped.

One time in rehearsal of the concert, Zhang Yixing was hit on his ankle several times due to staff errors, swelling rapidly and painful.

During the treatment, Zhang Yixing thought about rehearsal in order not to delay the progress.

Later, they took painkillers.

Almost all year round, the body has no chance to breathe, not only Zhang Yixing, but also many artistsnormal.

This is not to wash his white. Although there are many people mocking him now, and some things he and his team do are really fascinated, Zhang Yixing has never been lazy in his work.

Hes really like his Weibo name, trying to do it again.

Originally, fans laughed at the studios copywriting and said that Zhang Yixing was tough, but now it seems that there is really nothing wrong with him.