Suning tmall launched 5g strategic cooperation double 11 to become the first 5g battle

 Suning tmall launched 5g strategic cooperation double 11 to become the first 5g battle

Joint Layout 5G Promotes Retail Efficiency in the Age of Mobile Phone Stock

At present, the domestic smartphone market has entered the era of stock, and with the advent of 5G, a new round of switching tide has been brought. Users pay more attention to 5G mobile phones. With more new 5G mobile phones coming on the market and the expansion and perfection of 5G network signal coverage of operators, consumersswitching demand has been aroused again.

At the same time, in the smartphone market of the stock era, brand manufacturers are further concentrated, the concentration of sales channels is also increasing, brand value and service value are highlighted. For users, the renewal cycle is prolonging, besides product driving force, channel providersrenewal and installment payment are also a major factor to stimulate users renewal.

Based on the background of the mobile phone industry in the stock era, this time Suning Easy-to-buy and Tianmao jointly lay out 5G market, the first thing to do is to improve the retail efficiency. In terms of channel coverage, through Suning e-commerce and tmall, we will comprehensively improve the breadth, depth and health of 5g mobile phone sales channels, optimize product inventory and front-end linkage, and provide consumers with more high-quality experience and content.

For consumers, the most important thing to change 5G is product, experience and price. According to the core demand of 5G replacement for consumers, Gu Wei, vice president of Suning Easy-to-buy, said, By comparing the intuitive experience of financial staging, old-to-new and online-offline integration, we can greatly improve consumersrenewal process and further reduce the cost of 5G replacement, which makes consumers more convenient and more planned. Use 5G mobile phone.

Suning Easy-to-buy has its own advantages of both online and offline channels, especially tens of thousands offline stores, including Suning Easy-to-buy stores, Suning Polar Stores, Suning Retail Yunmen Stores and other formats, covering all parts of the country from the second-tier core cities to the fourth and sixth-tier county and town markets.

Suningjiwu stores mainly cover the first and second tier core cities. It is reported that the flagship store of Chongqing Raffles suningjiwu, which opened in early September this year, has fully covered 5g signal and new 5g products. As the latest popular online store, suningjiwu aims at the core city and will not enter the large shopping center to directly bring the latest 5g products to the users of the first and second tier consumer market. u3002

In addition to the advantages of online and offline channels throughout the country, Suning e-commerce and tmall also occupy the online traffic entrance. The flagship store of Suning e-commerce of tmall has become the largest store of tmalls consumer electronics. Suning tmall has more than 1 billion huge user groups, the latest, fastest and most complete 5g product library, as well as rich and diverse marketing positions.

Xuanqing, general manager of tmalls mobile electronics business, said that as Chinas leading online consumption platform and Suning as a powerful offline retailer, further cooperation between the two sides will build a complete 5g ecological chain and become the main starting position of online and offline 5g products. Together, the two sides will bring extraordinary 5g shopping experience to consumers.

At the same time, the coverage of mobile phone hardware products and network models is the core driving force of consumers5G replacement. At the launch of Maoning 5g Ecological Cooperation Strategy Conference, Chen Fengwei, deputy general manager of China Unicom terminal and channel support center and China Unicom Huasheng Company, made a keynote speech. Talking about the changes and opportunities brought by the terminal products in the 5g era, Chen Fengwei said, 5g is not a simple update, but for the Internet of all things. 5g mobile phones and smart hardware are very important, but 5g based on the terminal products Pan-intelligence and application scenarios are broader.

In addition, high-level mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, vivo, glory, Xiaomi, Samsung and oppo also attended the conference. Zhang Daijun, president of Samsung Electronics China Research Institute, introduced Samsungs layout and achievements in 5G mobile phone products and 5G technology, and expressed the hope that through strong alliance with Suning Easy-to-buy and Tianmao, Samsung would make greater contributions to the future 5G market in China.

Suning e-buy tmall online and offline Omni channel and full scene layout, three major operators core network coverage, and all major mobile phone brand manufacturers high-quality 5g products released and listed. This time, all parties jointly launched 5g ecological strategic cooperation to create the largest online and offline 5g renewal platform in China.

Suning Easy to buy and Tianmao online and offline scenario channel advantages, as well as a huge user base, will provide brand manufacturers with a series of support, including large data C2M reverse customization, channel link optimization and product marketing channel marketing promotion. For consumers, it will bring a more cost-effective, convenient, one-stop 5G renewal channel, through the old for new, installment and other policies, reduce the cost of 5G renewal, but also can have the most up-to-date 5G products fully experience and purchase.

It is reported that next will enter the double eleven rhythm, in the process of 4G to 5G renewal, this years double eleven is an important marketing node, and Mauning will carry a very important part in it. Suning Easy-to-buy and Tianmao will work together to promote the double eleven 5G products in an all-round way. At the same time, there will be enough policy support for the explosion and tailings, and all brands will work together to make double eleven 5G renewal. The new opening is very popular.