Interview: Did you see that a penny cant be picked up? The answer of calculating second salary is bright, netizen: I want it all.

 Interview: Did you see that a penny cant be picked up? The answer of calculating second salary is bright, netizen: I want it all.

The second answer is whether the interviewer inspects my maturity of thinking. If he answers, I found a penny on the street and handed it to Uncle jc, will it seem naive to me? This kind of person often answers like this: I dont pick it up. Because a penny has no practical use, now a penny can not buy anything, and everyone pays with mobile phones, no one will pick up a penny. If I pick it up and give it to Uncle jc, it wastes his official time. Therefore, good deeds should also be grounded in spirit and pragmatic.

The third kind of psychological answer, regardless of the interviewer to test my money efficiency concept or business reality, after all, a penny is a penny ah. This kind of person often answers like this: I will pick it up. Because even though I stoop down and its worth a dime, even if everyone spends another dime, I think a dime is money, and its also an economic symbol in the currency circulation field. I pick it up, from the time efficiency value ratio, I am losing money, but I can not calculate personal gains and losses, pick it up is to reflect my respect for values, the fear of the economic system. If I give a penny to Uncle jc, it doesnt make much sense. I might as well give it to beggars on the street and let it play an applied role.

Before commenting on this wonderful interview question, first look at a classic dilemma interview question:

If you go to disaster relief, the victims will starve to death. When you send bread accurately, you find out that the expired bread donated by the bad merchants is still edible. Do you send or not? You sent, the victims are full, at first glance, it is expired bread, you may be assaulted in groups. Didnt you just watch the victims go hungry?

Faced with this situation, you must start from the most basic humanitarianism, save people first, and then explain, things are urgent, there is no time to ship fresh bread, but this bread is edible. You need to eat bread in public first to allay everyones concerns. First, let the victims have enough to eat, and then go back to the merchants to settle accounts. If in order to protect themselves, not to distribute bread, on-the-spot exposure of business behavior, would rather let the hungry people go hungry, contrary to basic human nature.

Therefore, in the face of such situational interview questions as one penny cant be picked up, we should not think straight, but consider and answer from the perspective of values. Although a penny is small, it still has its dignity as a currency. When you pick it up, you respect the economic system and the value of money. If you encounter this kind of question, you should answer it from the most basic law of value so as to reflect your thinking level.

Many netizens also have different opinions, joking with the post: these three answers I want it all, employing people to do their best. In particular, I feel that the first answer to the second salary calculation is bright. The first kind of person has a strong sense of time, pays attention to efficiency, and is suitable for business; the second kind of person is meticulous, pragmatic, and suitable for management; the third kind of person, who can raise a pennys trivial matter to the GJ height, and what kind of work is suitable for? Welcome to talk with us.