Li Guoqing kicked out by his wife: dream of being the most emotional president and fall the most vulnerable cup

 Li Guoqing kicked out by his wife: dream of being the most emotional president and fall the most vulnerable cup

_After the reporter said that it feels like a thorn, Li Guoqing picked up the water cup and hit it heavily on the ground. See how frightened the ladies and sisters are.

Seriously, this video is very confusing to sister Yan.

Someone said that Mr. Li was acting. I didnt see it. I think he was out of control.

After all, not all successful people are good at emotional management.

Judging from Mr. Lis consistent performance, he is somewhat acting personality.

But as a 55-year-old uncle, theres no one to fall a cup in front of the camera.

Not only that, Mr. Li has committed several crimes against his wife Yu Yu, accusing her of using conspiracy to force the palace.

Li Guoqing has talked about it many times since last year.

Li Guoqing had a lot of quarrels in public, but he could still keep the marriage. His wife cooperated well.

So that when she met her sister, she saw that Li always came out and broke her mind again. She had a different feeling of kindness and grace.

It seems that such a harmonious couple will not divorce.

Why do people betray their relatives after 20 years of starting a business?

Last January, Li Guoqing received a forced letter from the management that all his treatment was reserved, but his new business did not need to be managed by him.

In the interview, he mentioned that this matter is still bluntly called cant get through, she is my wife, how can this be done?

But lets face it, she said, the team brought up by her ten yearsexperience, in the end, theres not even a tip-off.

Should such a CEO reflect on why he is so unpopular that everyone firmly believes that sooner or later he will die with you?

Yu Yu may not be a wife who washes her husbands socks, but in the eyes of shareholders and employees, he should be a more reliable manager than Li Guoqing.

Li Guoqing is famous for his big mouth.

Everyone likes to express their opinions on the top of the wind and waves. The most important thing is that they often make mistakes and cause trouble.

The worst one was that after the Minnesota incident, microblogging and giving out a platform on the rails triggered a wave of criticism across the Internet.

What did Li Guoqing say? Focusingu2014u2014

The employers extramarital sex is harmless to shareholders and employees, less harmful to his wife and less harmful to the society. Although it is a shame, it is worthwhile.

Then two examples of dealing with similar incidents are given.

Whats more, Li Guoqing, did you think about your wifes feelings when you said such stupid words?

_Li Guoqings speech on Daqiangzis extramarital sexual behavior was also named by CNN.

Next, Dangdangs face was cleared, and Li Guoqing was publicly sentenced by Dangdang Net, which he founded.

Li Guoqing divides extramarital affairs into three or sixty-nine grades, labels them as boredom, and moves out his premarital behavior to share with others.

Dangdang strongly condemned Li Guoqings remarks...

Dangdang has asked Li Guoqing to delete Dangdang logo from his personal microblog number and so on...

This is not a face to say, or Li Guoqings Tai Yu instructed.

Forward Numberu2014u2014

When Dangdang went public in 2010, Li Guoqing recalled his bitter thoughts and openly recalled six ex-girlfriends who had abandoned their choice to go abroad.

Word God, say a bit harsh, this pattern of vision, really in response to Damo girl scolded him that sentence:

I have to show my wifes respect and tell the media:

The ex girlfriend of National Day is a very smart and excellent girl. We had dinner together and invited a lot of friends.

At that time, Dangdang also issued a statement saying:

Li Guoqings behavior has nothing to do with the company, but is a personal literary hobby. I hope it will not affect everyones impression of Dangdang.

After eight years, the old man still couldnt control his temper and let the enterprise carry the pot for him again and again.

A CEO who is open-mouthed, provocative and has greasy values is a real terror to employees and shareholders.

A person who is easy to let go of himself cant do refined operation.

How did the once mandarin duck knife become a desperate sword

In those days, the combination of Li Guoqing and Yu Yu was regarded as a pair of couples who pressed on to Robin Li and his wife.

Li Guoqing graduated from Peking University and Yu Yu worked as a consultant on Wall Street.

One is bold, one understands finance, one is unrestrained, one is rigorous and pragmatic;

One regrets that he has no overseas experience and is planning to marry a returnee, and the other thinks that it doesnt matter who he marries, but the time of his marriage is very important.

The couple hit it off and got married for three months, vowing to make a Chinese Amazon.

Looking back on the first meeting, Yu Yu Yu said:

Li Guoqing is a kind of intelligent and independent young man. I told him how to raise money, and he took notes carefully.

Yu Yu Yus talent and insight shocked me, only that she was really a talented woman.

In order to maintain his family, Yu Yu ran back from New York to Beijing and started his own business with his husband.

When I get married and have children, the family will look like a family.

Marry a chicken with a chicken, a dog with a dog, and walk with a stone.

Li Guoqing, who has been repeatedly diss-enabled by the Internet for his greasy remarks, is not without merits.

To tell you the truth, sister Yu Yan appreciates the persistence of his literati.

Although Ma Yun ridiculed them as stupid couple and only sold books on the e-commerce platform, Li Guoqing wanted to reach the highest level of selling books, Im not alive for wealth, so he missed several opportunities to embrace capital.

Even now when he was expelled from Dangdang, Li Guoqing was not a property loss, but a platform for selling books had disappeared.

He also launched the reading in the morning and in the evening app, aiming to increase the average annual reading volume of the people, which is quite admirable.

Contrary to Li Guoqings idealism, Yu Yu Yu, a Wall Street native, is pragmatic.

Watching the companys market value getting lower and lower, she repeatedly tried to sell it, which caused a lot of contradictions with Li Guoqing.

Meet the elder sister to say, husband and wife jointly start a business, both of them are very strong, cant get used to you and cant get rid of you, this matter is really difficult.

For eight years in a row, he was saving his marriage every year, went to counseling every year, and sometimes his son was at the scene.

Yu Yu said publicly:

She dared not let Yu Yu Yu be the president of the board of directors, because as a wife, she cant stand on top.

If I had a choice, I would never start a business with my husband. Marriage has persisted till now, and I am a wonderful flower myself.

Yu Yu said.

Li Guoqing scratched the wall in the circle of friends:

The so-called marriage is:

Sometimes I love her very much. Sometimes I want to shoot her down. Most of the time I met her favorite food on the way to buy a gun, but I forgot to buy a gun when I bought the food. I went home for a few days to think about whether I should buy a gun.

Without my wife Yu Yu Yu, I would be more healthy.

Its a real love and killing, dead to the end, and the people who watch it are full of boos and boos.

Nowadays, Lao Li is kicked out of the enterprise by his daughter-in-law with conspiracy and trick. Although he can be angry to throw a cup and swear at it when he mentions it, he feels that his relationship with Yu Yu Yu is not very bad.

In the interview, Li always said that his wife liked skiing, so it was amazing that he and his wife watched Yongzheng Dynasty together the day before they were forced to go to the palace.

When I met my sister, I thought Li Guoqing and Yu Yu Yu had their own strengths and weaknesses. If they cooperated well, they should complement each other, but I dont know what to do. They just did not turn back on the short-to-short model.

In addition, as the business scale of husband and wife becomes bigger and bigger, one of them should make power transfer as soon as possible, not waiting for enterprises, families, partners, sons... All of them are mixed together and become inseparable.

Either the man, like Pan Shiyi, Zhang Xins husband, does a photo exhibition or a weight-loss club, and finds something else to depend on.

Or, like Xiao Zha and his wife, a company, a charity, separate business.

At present, Mr. and Mrs. Li are complaining everywhere, and they are silent to death. They cooperate better than when they are in the company.

So keep a dynamic balance in love and killing.

But Yu Yanjie only thinks that the story of the couples entrepreneurship is too novel and unique. Lets take this picture in the next Chinese partner.