How can we get less windbreaker in autumn?

 How can we get less windbreaker in autumn?

The utility and versatility of windbreakers,

Always make everyone fall in love with it.

From Hepburns time,

Windbreaker is the embodiment of elegance and fashion.

The best way to wear windbreakers is not to make a conscious effort.

This casual fashion can best be explained by the casual tie on the body.

In early autumn, I wear a long and elegant windbreaker.

Always can highlight a trace of unruliness and freedom.

But every woman should have a unique windbreaker.

Or express romance, or interpret attitude.

You can have many styles.

Windshirts can be worn in every style.

Dont believe that windbreaker is a real fried chicken. Then come and see it.

Windbreaker T-shirt

Early autumn is a transitional season. After all, we are still catching the tail of summer. So lets start with lighter pieces, such as T-shirts~

Windshirts + T-shirts can have a variety of styles, such as sisters can wear pure color self-cultivation T-shirts, with the basic style of lapel windbreakers, simple wear is very convenient and generous. Trousers can be fitted with a pair of plaid trousers, and there will be a little bit of literature and art.~

The Khaki windbreaker can choose colors with high saturation, such as pollen, fruit green, Lake blue, lavender purple and turmeric. It is a good choice for color collision. It can be matched with jeans to get full marks of age reduction.~

Dont be too fashionable.

The main reason why windbreaker can last forever is that after a hundred years, even the style has not changed, the main reason is that it is really very versatile!! Almost all the fitters in the wardrobe can take them out and put on a windbreaker.

Matching skirts is simply a natural quality, casually upper body temperament to do not want. And different windbreakers with different styles of skirts will collide with different fashion sparks. It can be handsome and elegant, gentle and atmospheric, sweet and imperial sister, and N styles can be switched at will.

Windbreaker jeans

Choose a fashionable color, dark green should be the first choice! Its just temperament itself! Open to wear gas field full open, fasten belt full of elegant feminine flavor! If you wear a pair of leggings, the windbreaker can change into a dress in seconds.

Now do you know how to wear windbreakers? If you dont have them in your wardrobe, do you have to start?




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Coffee is also good.

Which one do you like better?