French gentle literature and art small fresh dress fashion dress oneself

 French gentle literature and art small fresh dress fashion dress oneself

Warm yellow and white plaid dress, sweet, fresh and beautiful, light retro style plaid pattern in the lower half of the skirt is irregular arrangement, especially with a sense of detail. The sleeveless dress with moss green spots makes people feel fresh French pastoral style at a glance. Sometimes a classic outdated little black dress, charming and sexy, the elements of the lotus leaf let people feel the girls heart.

This years Platycodon dress has started to catch fire because it is particularly thin and has a good upper body temperament, especially loved by fairies. The plaid skirt on the sunset yellow base is lively and beautiful in the retro period, and the upper body will age down. The skirt of knights black suit is skillful and heroic, and it is the model of imperial sister with special atmosphere. Forest green flower dress, with a casual lazy temperament, coupled with exquisite Vintage pattern, can better foil the beautiful figure curve of girls.

French style dress with umbrella skirt is a beautiful woman with romantic and elegant temperament. When matching shirts, looser shirts with low collar or square collar can set off the retro French style, and then tie a belt to elevate the waistline or jacket liner, instantly showing high and thin. White shirt + yellow skirt is a proper cut mens style, while white pleated Design Top + Black fishtail skirt match is fashionable and brilliant, full-bodied feel.

The style of painting is very retro and lovely square collar and pearl button shirt, with light blue jeans broad-legged pants, gentle temperament with a little fresh. Green V-neck design, give your jeans with concave gentle style. A Vintage red-and-white checked shirt with a five-minute sleeve with bubble sleeve elements can cover the flesh of the arm but show the skin properly, so that you can wear a slim effect.

Olive green tone has impact, but not very strong, and pure white broad-legged pants with a high sense of retro cool feel, especially durable. The Suit Shorts suit has elegant and skillful atmosphere, but it is not so heavy and monotonous. Instead, it can wear a fashionable sense of age reduction. If the upper body matches no more than three colors, it can wear a fashionable sense of elegance.

Colourful turmeric yellow + white collocation, very saturated color system makes people feel fresh, sour and sweet girl flavor. Lazy little sexy blue jeans with shoulder straps and ankle-bare Beige jeans make the sexy and witty sweetness blend properly. The matching of broad-legged shorts is very refreshing and comfortable, and a cardigan can enhance the sense of hierarchy, but also sun protection and warmth.

Classic black shirt, V-collar wide-collar design, romantic elegance to the extreme, with a wide-legged trousers can create a French style of lazy and elegant shape. A high-texture shirt can make OOTD match with a light and luxurious flavor, not only retro and modern, but also show temperament. Whether you wear it alone or outfit, it can let you show your fashion attitude and perfectly reflect your self-assertion.

The retro style of dressing can make your OOTD look more advanced, but also can instantly enhance clothing, so that you can advance to the goddess rank! The fairy who has not tried to wear the retro style is better to try a new style of matching today.