Short girls dont look good in clothes? Buy the right clothes to show off your temperament

 Short girls dont look good in clothes? Buy the right clothes to show off your temperament

{1} Short jacket {1

Nowadays, jackets are very popular. Whether they are jeans or shirts, jackets are very popular with many people. But once you wear it on a short girl, you get a long coat or an Oversize coat. So if you want to buy a short coat, it is recommended to choose a length of 50cm-60cm to the buttocks. This will not be too big, but will also be tall, the whole upper body will be elongated a little.

{2} Nakashi Suite {2

If you dont want to buy a short jacket, you might as well choose a long-term jacket, but also can cover the lower part of the body thin effect will be good. So you have to buy 75 cm in length for a short body. Almost in the thigh position. It would be better to show this effect, or if it was longer than this length, it would appear to be getting older and shorter, which would have a negative effect.

{3} skirt {3

How short does a skirt really need to look like a lot of legs? Is the shorter the better? No The shorter it is, the more uncomfortable it will be because its easy to walk away. So of course not the shorter skirt the better. In fact, as long as the length is about 41cm, its OK. Becoming a thigh is not a dream!

This year is also very popular pants style like straight pants, wide-legged pants in the beginning of this year is quite tampered! So long trousers on small and exquisite girls will cause a problem is that too long trousers feet will have the effect of dragging the floor. But not every pair of trousers will fit if they are folded up. So if you buy pants, choose between 80 cm and 82 cm. Almost as long as the ankle. Because a little ankle will be higher and better looking.

{5} long skirt {5

The fashion of long skirts this year reminds many people of the style of cake skirts. Because its like layers of cake design that can cover both thighs and buttocks, its very popular. So its not ugly for short girls to wear long skirts as long as they buy the right length. Usually between 65cm and 75cm will be very suitable for short girls, but bring a fresh and lovely feeling.

Is it easy? As long as you pay attention to the length of the sellers articles and then follow the small edition of the article, no problem ah!

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