Fashion bloggers love to carry their bags to work. Dont miss it.

 Fashion bloggers love to carry their bags to work. Dont miss it.

I. History of French Bag

When it comes to baguette at first, it must not fall behind a very popular American play called sex and the city. In this American play, the bridge section of baguette can be described as a bag that almost every girl must have. Moreover, if you are a loyal fan of looking forward to the city, you must remember how much the heroine Carrie loves and likes her. baguette

The name French Bag actually comes from the fact that the bag was just wrapped up and could be clipped under the armpit. Its a little like the way you walk after you buy French Bag bread.

Since its launch in 1997, the French stick bag has always existed as an icon. Although many new types of French stick bags are far from the original classic design, the classic bags will never be out of date at any time.

2. Show ground of French stick bag

Does this type of bag just appear in life? On the occasion of appearing, the French Bag combines the two opposite directions of everyday life and formality. Whether you are a fashionable person in everyday life or a guest at major banquets, French Bag is the right choice for you.

Sarah Jessica Parker, the heroine of Sex and the City, is not only obsessed with French stick bags, but also is not exceptional outside the play. What is the strength of the performance of a kind of iron powder cultivation, no matter what occasions she attends, she will put French stick bags in her hands as a decoration.

3. Take you to know the French Bag

Looking at Sarah Jessica Parkers collocation, we can see that the selection stick bag is also very exquisite.

This is closely related to the scene pattern and dress-up of the day, so follow Xiaobians footsteps to further understand the matching of the French club bag.

1. Dark Bag

One is the same color system. If your French stick bag is dark brown, set off with camel coat or suit to minimize the body color and achieve the balance of the whole outfit.

Another principle is to match the contrast color. That is to say, if your baguette is already dark, make the pants or skirt form a contrast color with the bag when dressing up as a whole. This is a very risky way to wear it.

But if you do well, it will be a very eye-catching matching method. For example, if you have a black baton bag, the knitting will suggest that you wear the upper and lower arms and legs in different colors, such as black jacket, red broad-legged pants. The overall dress can not only get the echo of clothing, but also achieve the eye-catching color.

2. Bright-coloured French Bag

In fact, the bag of the bright color system has always been a puzzle for small knitters. They dont know how to wear it. Especially when they come across the one-shoulder bag of the long style of French stick bag, they dont know how to start. At this time, we should remember another wearing skill, that is neutral color + a decorative color.

As the name implies, if the color of your French stick bag is already bright, such as yellow, red or sky-blue, then you must choose more neutral colors to match, camel dress can match sky-blue bag, orange coat can match scorched yellow bag, black dress must match with red shoulder bag.

If you think that this kind of dress will make you very stiff and fashionable, try another way to dress, that is to say, it echoes the printing color of the clothes. Popularly speaking, the color of the bags can be close to or similar to one of the colors in the clothes printing. This will make your whole person look more sunny and lively, but not very stereotyped.

(2) Bags are classified according to patterns:

1. Pure color and non-design stick bag

This kind of bag is actually the most common and practical. Especially in the cold season of autumn and winter, the pure color bag is more economical and applicable. Moreover, the pure color bag without design is more traditional, so it is more suitable for some simple fashion MM, which fully demonstrates their implication and connotation.

So when you choose a solid colored baguette without design, Xiaobian suggests that you choose a solid high collar sweater in autumn and winter, a camel or gray H-shaped overcoat, and then a pair of plaid pants. The upper part of the dress highlights the beauty of the overall simplicity. The pure color baguette with striped pants adds a modern atmosphere, and the sense of retro fashion is sufficient.

2. Patterned Bag

This type of bag, such as the one suitable for its own avant-garde and lively M M, will give people a refreshing feeling, and I would recommend a single color as much as possible, more fashionable style of bags.

After all, we have to match the overall dress. When choosing the matching of pattern stick bag, we should remember a principle, that is, matching the background color of the overall dressing, so that the pattern will not be so abrupt, and get the sense of balance of dressing.

(III) the bag is classified according to the design of the bag belt:

1. Wide bag bag bag

After all, the French stick bag is very simple, you have to start with the clothes, but also can choose a slightly brighter color of the inner lap, so that the overall wear on the color overlap feeling.

2. Fabric stick bag with chain strap

Chain bags are essentially more suitable for skirts or suits with a single outfit, and the biggest advantage of chain bags is that they dont have to think about how to match at all, nor do they need special styling guidance.

Ladiely skirts, chic windbreakers and even simple pure-color knitted sweaters can be added to elegance by using French stick chain bags.

(4) French stick bags are classified according to cortical texture:

1. Matte leather club bag

This kind of leather can be used in many bags. The matte leather itself will have light lines and feel very smooth and comfortable. If it is matched with old hardware, it will really attract peoples eyes at once. The baton bag with matte leather should try to choose the way of wearing and putting on as simple as possible. Skirt dress or dark dress are the best choices, and it must be chosen. Compared with the retro dress, it makes the whole person look deep and graceful.

2. Bright leather bags

It seems to be more fashionable and lively, especially in the case of polarized light, this bag will light up the overall collocation, so the whole dress should be more concise, T-shirt, jeans, jeans jacket are more suitable choice for bright leather bags, and the color must be matched with the color of bags, so it can not produce too abrupt feeling.

4. Wearing and Lapping Method of French Bag

To choose two or more colors in the same color system, and must present a deep shallow collocation, the superimposed color system will appear very gentle to create an elegant feeling, maintain the main color and auxiliary color in the same color, give people a feeling of integration, such as pink + red, or rose + Strawberry red, camel + coffee.

2. Colour collision between bags and clothing

If you have chosen the color contrast, you must reduce the appearance of patterns, reduce the area of color contrast, which is a little smaller than if you have a blue baguette, then you can bring a red hat or an inner match to set off. The color contrast in a small area is elegant and fashionable, and will have a higher quality.

Fifth, female stars wear bags of fiddle sticks

When using bags and clothes to match, we must pay attention to what is the main body, pay attention to the color and style of the match.

This is the essence of the real pick to the fashion world. The trend is not just follow suit, but we really want to spend our minds together.