How many of the four old maintenance habits do you have?

 How many of the four old maintenance habits do you have?

_Cleaning is the first step in maintenance and must not be washed casually. (Figure/Photo [email protected])

1. Remove makeup and wash your face quickly

Cleaning only requires fast, easy not to clean, residual dirty clogging pore, will produce acne, follow-up maintenance discounts, residual PM2.5 polluted particles in the pore, will cause skin inflammation, accelerate aging.

Ceng Depeng, a well-known dermatologist and director of Dermatology of Taian Hospital, reminded us that a good wash of the face, but not excessive cleanliness, is absolutely the first key to maintaining healthy muscles. Envying the good skin of others? Its right to start by carefully removing makeup and washing your face.

2. Anti-aging maintenance is needed only in old age.

Dont think you need to fight against old age anymore! Modern people are facing the pressure of life, chaotic work and rest, environmental pollution and 3C blue light. Skin aging has already started ahead of time. The sooner you want to keep youthful, the better you can resist aging. From now on, add anti-aging beauty products with firming, moisturizing, wrinkle smoothing or anti-oxidation effects during maintenance, intensively infuse skin with youth and vitality, and then mix with massage when free to make anti-aging effect better.

_There are many refreshing moisturizing products on the market now. Oily muscles can choose lightweight types such as condensation, condensation and so on. (Graph/Photo [email protected]_official)

3. Easy to oil, emulsion cream need not be wiped.

Many people will have the idea of I can easily get out of the oil and do not rub the lotion well, but even if it is oily muscle, the skin also needs appropriate lipids to protect the water from losing, so that the skin is too short of water to produce more fat. People who do not like to use too much moisture can choose a more refreshing emulsion or water texture, such as frothing, freezing, condensation, and so on, which will make the light texture of water more sensitive, and reduce the strong sense of moisturizing.

_The skin around the eyes is the most easily aging part. Besides using special maintenance products, smearing techniques are also very important. (Figure/Flip [email protected]_kr)

4. Eye perimeter maintenance should be brought in.

Eye perimeter is the most vulnerable part of the face skin, but also the most difficult to maintain, but also the most prominent part of the face. If you begin to appear fine lines, dark circles or relaxation at the moment, it is not enough to rely on the usual maintenance to bring to the eye perimeter, and only use the special eye care products to be able to do it well.

In addition, dont think its good to apply the eye cream, but wrong manipulation will greatly reduce the effect of the eye cream. No matter how expensive the eye cream becomes soil, excessive pulling will cause fine lines proliferation. Remember to use gentle manipulation, and use the temperature of the finger pulp to help absorb the eye cream.