What is the simplest fashion on the street in autumn? This must be the set.

 What is the simplest fashion on the street in autumn? This must be the set.

In such weather, short-sleeved shorts were immediately removed from the shelves and turned out the long-sleeved shorts. The autumn long sleeve pants match, the most classic and simple group, which one do you choose?

Seventy-sevens choice is guard clothes + jeans.

Sanitary Clothes + Pencil Pants

The comfort, practicability and versatility of the toilet clothes determine that they will become the mainstream in autumn. And the sanitary clothes look better with a loose yard. Tight-fitting style of sanitary clothes may be dirty, but also may produce the feeling of thermal underwear.

Because of the loose nature of the guard clothes, the matching of the guard clothes and the small trousers coincides with the matching rule of upper loose and lower tight, which is smart and fashionable, and keeps the bony feeling. Therefore, the fairies wear medium-length and large size bathroom, choose pencil pants is the most body. A kind of

Pencil pants are close to the body and elastic, and are the only jeans that can be stuffed into boots, so their status in autumn and winter is not shaken, even though straight pants are more popular nowadays. A kind of

Because there is no tension of pencil pants, waist and buttocks are more stretched, and visual is more generous, so when wearing straight jeans, it is more convenient to expose the waist and buttocks, you can put the guard clothes into the pants, you can wear ultra-short guard clothes, or umbilical guard clothes. A kind of

Straight jeans with short boots are not suitable for inserting into boots. Its better to be flat with the mouth of boots, or slightly exposed. A kind of

Sanitary Clothes + Broad-legged Pants

For most fairies who are not models, the wider the bottom pants are, the shorter the upper body is and the better the figure ratio is. A kind of

For the slender and slender fairies, there is no problem with the way to wear the broad upper and the broad lower. Even the medium and Long-style broad-type toilet clothes, coupled with broad-legged pants, are also controllable. If they are well managed, they can produce a special style and atmosphere. A kind of

Because of their loose legs, micro-trousers are the same as broad-legged trousers. When wearing boots, the trousersfeet will cover the boot barrel and the trousers feet should not cover the boot barrel, which will be very dirty.

Micro-bra jeans are also the most playful of the jeans. A kind of

Overlap + jeans

Sanitary clothes can also be added to the inner lap, increase the degree of warmth, and create the effect of overlapping. For example, underwear shirts, T-shirts, high-collar shirts and so on, reveal the collar, cuffs or hem, warmth and more personality, full of collocation careful machine. A kind of

Sanitary Apparel + Coat + Jeans

The combination of sweater + jeans above can be added with a coat to further protect against cold in late autumn or winter. Both suits and windbreakers are very suitable for autumn coats. Wearing guard clothes + jeans can add some intelligence and elegance. Jackets can upgrade Cool Handsome.

As an inner lap, it should not be too loose and large, and the best style is not tight. A kind of

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