Seasonal dress guide Gulinaza teaches you how to choose a coat

 Seasonal dress guide Gulinaza teaches you how to choose a coat

However, this does not affect Miss Nazas fashion style.

Well, lets go and see Miss Nazars outfit with Xiaobian.

LOOK1: Overbearing Presidents Style

When she showed up at the airport, she was dressed in black. She was really amazing. She wore a sports hat and a mask. She was fully armed. Her leather clothes and short hot pants were breathtaking.

Its really shiny to step on a pair of short leather boots. I feel like walking with wind. Gulinazas dress is not only grounded in air, but also has the vision of the hegemonic president. Her fair skin is also silky and delicate. It is not only very sexy, but also has an air that is hard to say.

LOOK2; Bright and refreshing wind

Gullinazas figure is really great. A simple classic Khaki windbreaker, double-breasted black buttons and belt adorn the windbreaker. The belt buckled shows Nazas slim waist very well.

Black hats and masks, coupled with a pair of black Martin boots, correspond to the black buttons on windbreakers, and the overall black decoration gives a cool feeling. The combination of khaki and black makes the whole look very clean and neat.

A golden chain on the black bag adds a different color to the whole. The matching of this body really shows Nazas very good performance. The wearing of medium length windbreaker also makes Naza play with the missing wearing method of the lower body. The belt not only highlights the line of the waist, but also has a sense of both legs under the chest.

LOOK3: Fairy Fashion Style

She also wears a semi-perspective white lace jacket under her sweater. Its really sexy. White shoes and white socks correspond to the white inner jacket in color, but the best pair with the small white shoes is undoubtedly the nine-minute pants.

But with the white stockings, the part of the neck to be exposed is also covered, which is also one of the most popular matches this year.

It must be tacky to take these items out individually, but it feels different when combined. Especially when wearing Nazar, its very mature and elegant. On the basis of elegance, its a little unspeakable sexy.

Look4: business style

And this time, she has a sense of business style. The black bathroom is relaxing and comfortable, and the black trousers she wears underneath her body show Nazars white and straight legs that day.

But it looks a little serious. The black hat, the black mask, the black jacket with black trousers, the black Martin boots and the black suit are really black from beginning to end. The only bright spot on her body should be the pull-rod box on her hand.

Nazas matching is really mysterious, but her clothes are really good. Simple sanitary clothes are unexpected, serious suits are unexpected leisure.

LOOK5: LadiesFresh Style

The black bottom dress is a little mysterious, embroidered with small colored flowers, which makes the lady feel more girlish, and a black jean jacket is a little cool.

This set of clothes reflects several different styles. The skillful jeans jacket, together with the gentleness of chiffon dress and finally a pair of small white shoes, show Nazars long legs are very attractive, all of a sudden show the temperament, simple and refreshing.

We can often choose this kind of clothing in our daily life. And we can add a small backpack with special features to make it shine in the crowd.

LOOK6: Elegant Womanliness

The first thing Gulinazar noticed this time was her white chain bag, which was elegant and feminine, with a little grey checked suit, and it looked a little loose.

Maybe its because gulinaza is too thin, so it looks like it can fit into two nazras. In this neutral Plaid suit, its also matched with a sexy white perspective half high collar. It also has a stripe sense of both seeing and looking sexy.

The bell sleeve design at the cuff is very sweet and lovely. It also has a feminine flavor. It adds a silk beauty to this handsome suit. The jeans in the lower half of the body are also very broad, full of personality and high-grade atmosphere.

The shoes on the feet are also the highlights. Cat heel boots are a little lazy and gentle, very fashionable. The average person in this dress is very controlled, but Nazar is very well controlled.

LOOK7: Vigorous Wind of Youth

Its a popular style to add embroidery to the jean jacket. The dark jean jacket on Gulinazas body is embellished with a golden pattern. Dark black matches well with bright gold.

Dark embroidered jean jacket with black shorts on the lower half of her body highlights Nazars long white and thin thighs and a witty short hair, which makes her look younger and gives her a sense of youthful vitality.

In addition, in accessories, she chose long earrings that seemed almost the same as gold, which made Nazars tiny face more compact.

In the dark denim jacket, a common white T-shirt is chosen as the inner part. Simple inner lining can perfectly set off the characteristics of the jacket. Because the inside is white, you can take off the jacket if you feel a little hot, and the white T-shirt inside can also be directly matched with black shorts.

Look8: classical charm

The same long black coat, but this time the finishing touch is on her sleeve, some flowers are embroidered in style.

Recently, designers seem to like the combination of embroidery with Chinese elements and the clothes we usually wear. It can be seen that the effect is very good, and it is also loved by the girls who like to wear it.

It was matched with a very ordinary white T-shirt with a round collar and black tightly worn trousers, wrapped in slender legs, and highlighted her beautiful leg shape, but the part of the meat exposed on her legs was very attractive.

However, the bright spot she wore on her handbag this time should not be very common. After all, the appearance of this small bag has refreshed our definition of ordinary bag. It looks like a lunch box in her hand from a distance. However, it is very foreign to appreciate it carefully.

LOOK9: Passionate Color Wind

Sure enough, people with fair skin look good no matter what style or color they wear.

This is an orange windproof coat worn by Miss Gurinazar at her airport. Its a very bright color.

But this very eye-catching coat cant be worn by water. White-skinned girls can try this kind of coat, but the skin is not so white. Xiaobian still suggests you change the color.

Inside the orange jacket was a black high-necked shirt, with black shorts on her lower body, a black baseball cap on her head, black sunglasses on her face and a pair of sports shoes of the same color on her feet, which instantly lengthened her body proportion and made her look sexy and handsome as a whole.

After seeing these clothes of sister Nazar, Xiaobian is really envious

Envy Nazaras beautiful legs, beautiful face and perfect proportion of body, and even envy her wearable mind. Although envy is useless, but you can make every dress through your own efforts.

So, lets make a fashion girl with Miss Nazar as soon as possible.