The parent-child animation Ugly Doll will be released with Wang Leehom Gao Xiaosongs passionate dedication

 The parent-child animation Ugly Doll will be released with Wang Leehom Gao Xiaosongs passionate dedication

Netease Entertainment reported on October 12 that the preferred animation Ugly Doll for parent-child family reunion will be released nationwide tomorrow (October 13). Today, the filmmakers exposed the full-length film clips and simultaneously analyzed the four main points of the film, hoping to present the first happiness to the parents and children after the National Day.

The ugly dolls living in the town of ugly dolls have different shapes, are always optimistic, cheerful, pure and friendly, enjoy the most gorgeous colors and the most beautiful music in the world, and live a happy life. In the exposure of the ready to go positive fragment, curiosity doll led her little friend to the perfect college. Facing the sharp query and ridicule of the perfect Doll produced by the unified mold, ugly dolls were once sad and depressed, but finally the ugly dolls were full of fighting spirit in Xiaoxis passionate speech, and accepted all kinds of challenges. They declared bravely with their own actions. These differences make us shine!

I love ugly dolls popularity net red conquer children

The role prototype of the movie Ugly Doll originates from a global popular toy brand. The bright color and distinct personality of Ugly Doll have brought them the magic of viral spread, which has rapidly developed into a global Internet Red, and is quite popular in China.

Such a global Internet star IP, and a golden Hollywood production team escort the film - the film is directed by Kelly Asbori, director of Shrek 2, The Smurfs: Searching for the Mysterious Village, and Robert Rodriguez, director of Alita Battle Angel, as producer. The golden Hollywood team escorts the film with all its strength, breaking the barriers of space and color, and jointly constructs it. Build an independent dimension, full of dream and imagination of the ugly doll world.

Hollywoods top CG technology ensures that the ugly doll will be made into wool material texture, allowing viewers to watch the process of soft, warm down feeling. And the ugly dolls with dull images have become the most popular stars in childrens hearts. In the pre-screening activities of the movies, children have asked for photos and embraces with the ugly dollsdolls, and frankly said, Lovely, I want to take these small fluffy lovely dolls home. More small audiences have declared loudly that I love ugly dolls - the status of the popularity net can be seen.

Facing Imperfection is the first choice for parents and children

The film portrays a group of dolls with different shapes and personalities. Whether its Curious Wa Xiaoxi, Ogo, Mayor of Ugly Wa Town, clever and mysterious Ah Fu, strange-minded Vicki, Doug who likes singing and dancing RAP, and Babao, who likes to sing and dancing RAP, etc., the vivid characters are enough to impress small audiences, while the brilliant pictures full of imagination also open childrens eyes, coupled with the pleasant and beautiful songs in the film, all make the film extremely impressive. Ornamental.

In addition to the ornamental, the role of teaching and entertainment in movies is also very prominent. Brave ugly dolls go forward side by side, accept all kinds of tests from the perfect college, overcome all difficulties on the road of growth, prove with strength and efforts the truth of perfect destiny, wonderful depends on hard work, and convey self-confidence, optimistic positive attitude and warm healing energy to the audience.

Ugly dolls learn how to face setbacks in the great adventure of Perfect College, which is also the difficulty that every child may face on the road of growth and the curriculum that needs to be studied. The brave spirit of breaking prejudice and never forgetting the first heart will inspire and benefit the audience deeply.

Colorful cure gorgeous adventure Wang Lihong Gao Xiaosongs passionate voice

Super Popular Dubbing Cass is also one of the highlights of Ugly Doll. Kelly Clayson, Canel Monet, Nick Jonas, Bibi Leksa and Wang Leehom, the king of Chinese pop music, dubbed the English version. Wang Leehoms role of Ah Fu is more vivid and lovely, which impresses many audiences.

This time, when the film entered the mainland market, Gao Xiaosong, a talented and knowledgeable musician from the Department of Literature and Art, was strongly invited to present his voice. He would become the mayor of Ugly Wa Town, Ogo, and accompany the audience with his voice to open the door of the fantastic new world. In the previously exposed album, Mr. Gao Xiaosong uses his voice to restore the characterspersonality. He portrays the characters in the movie with great joy and intimacy. At the same time, he also recommends the movie to the audience, indicating that the film has the healing function of in a fast and complex world.

Facing a Colorful Life

Since the film Ugly Doll was released nationwide, it has received unanimous praise from parents and children. The movie Ugly Doll vividly shows the world in the eyes of children. After watching the movie, many children expressed their hope that Ugly Doll would become their friends: I learned to be brave, to speak out their ideas bravely, and they taught us to overcome our inner fear.

Parents and friends are attracted by the strong sense of responsibility and the courage to take responsibility of ugly doll. One of the parents said that ugly doll is an example for children to learn, and another mother with children said: its a good thing to find their own strengths and keep them from the heart. And a father also thinks that the film is very educational: The film tells us to guide our children, to explore their own way, to take that step bravely, not afraid of failure, because the future children have to face a colorful life alone. The film will bring children and parents a lively and interesting parent-child dinner with sincere heart, joy heart and the principle of teaching in joy, and offer the first happiness to the parents-children audience after National Day.

The movie Ugly Doll is co-produced by China Film Company, Ali Film Industry and STX Entertainment, directed by Kelly Asbori, the director of Shrek 2, The Smurfs: Searching for the Mysterious Village, and directed by Robert Rodriguez, the director of Alita Battle Angel. The English version is produced by Kelly Clyson, Canel Monet, Wanda Sex and Emma.u00b7 Roberts, Gabriel Iglesias, Wang Leehom, Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton, Bibi Rex, Charlie XCX, Lizo, Amando Peres and other voices, the Chinese version of which is presented by Gao Xiaosong, will be released nationwide on October 13 this year.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020