Syria Governments Refusal to Aid Kurdistan: American Agents Who Will Not Help Betrayal Countries

 Syria Governments Refusal to Aid Kurdistan: American Agents Who Will Not Help Betrayal Countries

On 8 October, Turkey launched a full-scale attack on northern Syria. Kurdish armed forces retreated and a large number of villages were lost in the first three days of the war. Facing the retreat, the Kurdish forces could only request the assistance of the Syrian authorities and the Americans to resist Turkeys invasion.

However, the Syrian authorities rejected the Kurdsrequest on the 11th. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria told the Kurds that you have betrayed your country. Syria does not have a foothold as an American agent. The Syrian government and army will protect the Syrian people themselves.

Video screenshot of Syrias Vice Foreign Minister: SANA Television

Faisal Maqdad, Syrias deputy foreign minister, said on Thursday that the government had rejected the Kurdish armed forcesrequest for help, Reuters reported. Mekda accused Kurdistan of betraying their country and practicing separatist practices, which provided Turkey with an excuse for violating Syrian sovereignty.

Asked whether Syrian government forces should resume dialogue with Kurdish forces facing attacks by Turkish forces, Mekda said the armed groups had betrayed their country and committed crimes against it.

We will not accept dialogue with people who have become hostages to foreigners, Mekda told reporters. Washingtons agents will not have a foothold in Syrian territory.

On September 26, an American soldier watched YPG raise a flag at a stronghold: SDF

Mekda refers to betrayal of the motherland, not only accusing Kurdish armed forces of forming an independent regime and inviting Americans to stay. In 2012, at the outbreak of the civil war, the Syrian Kurdish party PYD declared that it was seeking autonomy in the Kurdish region of Syria. In the summer of that year, they established their own formal armed Peoples Defence Force (YPG). They then allied with the Syrian rebel group, the Syrian Liberal Army, and once claimed that Damascus wants to change its democratic government.

Earlier, Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria had appealed to the Syrian authorities for help because they could not resist Turkeys powerful offensive.

According to the Syrian local media Alamansdar (AMN) news agency on October 11, Turkey announced on October 9 that it had launched a cross-border military operation in northern Syria code-named Fountain of Peace. Over the past three days, Turkey and its followers, the National Front (NFL), have progressed smoothly in northern Syria, Kurdish forces have retreated, and Turkish coalition forces have seized more than a dozen villages, including a town east of Abyed.

This news was confirmed by Turkish authorities. Turkish state media Anadolu News Agency reported on October 10 that the Ministry of National Defense said that the Fountain of Peace operation had eliminated 174 terrorists and occupied 11 villages. During the operation, the Turkish Army attacked 181 Kurdish targets.

Three days before the military operation, Turkey had made rapid progress, and Kurdistan had difficulty withstanding the source: social media.

In the face of Turkeys powerful offensive, the Kurdish side turned to the government forces in despair for help. According to AMN1, on October 8, after the start of the air raid, Mazlum Abdi, commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Front (SDF) armed forces, said that the SDF might form an alliance with Syrian President Bashar Assad to repel Turkish forces in northern Syria.

Reuters reported at the time that a senior Kurdish armed commander said the return of Kurdish territory to Syrian government control was also an option.

Mazulum Abdituyuan, Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Front (SDF) Armed Forces: AMN News Agency

In addition to asking for help from Syrian government forces, the Kurdish armed forces also asked the United States to set up a no fly zone to slow down the air strikes that Kurdish forces are facing. On Wednesday, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) called on the United States and its allies to establish a no-fly zone to protect them from Turkeys attacks in northeastern Syria. The Kurds also warned the United States that if the United States does not interfere in Turkeys military operations, the Syrian Democratic Front may not be able to see more than 10000 extremist group prisoners of war.

Trump also refused to support the Kurds before being rejected by government forces. Trump told the media on October 9: As someone wrote in a very powerful article today, they (Kurds) did not help us during World War II, for example, they did not help us during the Normandy landing. We spent a lot of money helping Kurds... You are right to say that they are fighting alongside the United States, but they are also fighting for their land.

Trump, who defended himself as a stand-by man, on the 10th postulated three new choices: thousands of troops have won military victory, economic sanctions have hit Turkey hard, and let Turkey and Kurdistan reach an agreement. But there is still no mention of the no-fly zone or how to help the Kurds.

Although the Syrian authorities refused to assist the Kurds, the Syrian Arab army was ready to enter the area east of the Euphrates River where the Kurdish forces were located. Syrias Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a new statement on the 10th, condemning Turkeys continued military operations in the northern part of the country. The Syrian Foreign Ministry has pledged to defend Syrian territory and will respond to any aggression by the Turkish Armed Forces.

On October 5, Tiger Troops at the Edlib Front: Social Media

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