National Defense Science and Technology University held a Summary and Recognition Conference for National Day Parade Personnel

 National Defense Science and Technology University held a Summary and Recognition Conference for National Day Parade Personnel

On the afternoon of October 11, the National Defense University held a grand meeting at the Academic Exchange Center of Academy No. 3 to attend the National Day Parade Personnel Summary and Recognition Conference. Principal Deng Xiaogang read out the award notice signed by the President of the study and the list of persons commended by the military parade, the scientific research team of the University and the civil service team. Political Commissioner Liu Nianguang made a speech. Wang Huaimin, Vice-President and Educator, presided over the meeting. Ling Shiming, Vice-President Li Xiang, Vice-Political Committee and Secretary of Discipline Committee Liu Wenjun participated in the meeting.

School Leaders and Some of the Recognized Personnel

The participants entered the meeting hall with their heads held high.

Liu Niangguang pointed out that this is the first time that the school has participated in the National Day parade in the form of a square team in more than 60 years since its establishment. Its mission is glorious, significant and far-reaching. The outstanding performance of all the reference personnel in the military parade eloquently shows that the adults of national defense science and technology are not only good at learning and scientific research, but also good at accomplishing urgent and dangerous tasks! Schools can not only cultivate academic hegemony and experts, but also top soldiers and pacesetters. Convening the Summary and Recognition Conference is to study in depth the important speeches and award announcements signed by the President at the Congress celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, carefully summarize the successful experiences and achievements of the referees, vigorously promote the spirit of struggle and fighting style of the participants, and call on and mobilize the staff of the whole school to follow the example of the referees and never forget their initial hearts. Keep in mind the mission, strive forever, and strive to create a new situation of establishing world-class higher education institutions!

Liu Nianguang said that in participating in the training, we have a firm belief in politics, safeguarding the core and obeying the command; a high spirit of struggle, striving for the first place and striving for the first class; and a strong ability to fight bravely and win decisive battles by speaking of honor. After receiving the military parade task, the school set up a command and leadership group for the first time, quickly convened a swearing-in meeting, standing on the political and overall high-level events to grasp and vigorously promote. Relevant units and all the referees cherish political honor, deeply understand the political implication and resolutely complete the political task. 133 graduate students selected were honorably reviewed by the Chairman of the Study. Among the three major units of the scientific research team, the referral rate and the acceptance rate are the highest. Four civilian personnel are inspired and trained hard, and have also successfully completed the task of acceptance. All the participants expressed their admiration and loyalty to Chairman Xi through practical actions, which fully embodied the high consciousness of resolutely obeying orders and resolutely completing tasks. With first-class achievements, they displayed the first-class demeanor of the adults of science and technology, and spread the cultural self-confidence and value pursuit of striving for world-class to the whole parade village.

Liu Nianguang emphasized that schools at all levels should study and implement the spirit of the important instructions of President Xi, carry out extensive and in-depth learning activities from the reference staff, and consolidate the strong will power of revitalizing schools at a new starting point. The faculty and staff of the whole school should vigorously promote the political integrity of the staff members who are absolutely loyal to the party and firmly listen to the partys command, and unswervingly take the lead of Xi Jinpings strong military thinking to guide their thinking and action. Consciously learning and practicing Xi Jinpings strong army ideology, consciously learning and practicing chairman Xis precepts, constantly strengthening military consciousness, commanding consciousness and precepts awareness, enhancing political identification, ideological identification and emotional identification of President Xis decision making instructions, and faithfully integrating loyal genes into the soul blood, deeply sticking to the core of maintaining core and listening to the command. We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of the consultants to strive for first-class and victory, and unswervingly devote themselves to the construction of world-class higher education institutions. In accordance with President Xis instructions, we should scientifically study and judge the new situation and tasks facing schools after the military reform, clearly understand the new contradictions and new problems facing schools after reconstruction and reconstruction, deeply understand the new goals and new requirements put forward by President Xi for school construction, accurately grasp the orientation of running schools, focus on the main business and give full play to its advantages, so as to dare to open up in the face of difficult problems, dare to manage in the face of contradictions, and take risks. In front of us, we should shoulder our responsibilities and form a common understanding and driving force to catch up with and surpass the worlds top universities. We should vigorously carry forward the excellent style of reference staff who are brave of hardships and hardships and unremittingly strive for progress, and unswervingly fulfill the mission and responsibility of our generation. With a high sense of responsibility for history, for school construction and for the generation of military workers, we should really work hard, tensely and quickly, and work hard. We should carry our mission above our heads, shoulder our responsibilities, seize opportunities, and write a new chapter of school construction reform and development in the new era with the wisdom and sweat of every comrade.

At the meeting, watch the special film of military parade