Heavy shelling of US special forces? Urgent denial by Turkey

 Heavy shelling of US special forces? Urgent denial by Turkey

Exclusive report: Turkey attacked the U.S. special forces in Syria, but its obviously wrong, US Newsweek reported on the 11th, saying that a U.S. special forces was attacked by Turkish artillery in the Kurdish majority Syrian city of kobani on the same day. The special forces did not fight back, but retreated after the shelling stopped. No casualties have been reported. However, it was reported that the fierce artillery fire of the Turkish army once made the US special forces consider whether they should fight back in self-defence.

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Newsweek quoted an Iraqi Kurdish intelligence official and a senior Pentagon official as saying that the U.S. special forces were on mission on Mashtenourhill at the time of the incident. When the shelling stopped, the soldiers withdrew. No casualties have been reported. Reported that although senior Pentagon officials did not specify the exact number of soldiers present, but he revealed that there are about 15 to 100 people.

Nevertheless, Newsweek said that the Pentagon had not yet issued an order for a full withdrawal from Syria.

In a statement, the Ministry of National Defense said, Turkey did not fire in any way at the U.S. observation post. In order to prevent any damage to US bases, precautions should be taken before firing. As one of the precautions, we stopped shooting immediately after receiving information from the United States, and we firmly oppose the claim that the United States or coalition forces were attacked.

As for the United States, according to the latest news of Russia Today (RT) 12, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a statement on 11 local time confirming that the U.S. troops stationed in northern Syria were attacked by artillery fire from nearby Turkish positions on the same day, but no casualties occurred.

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Following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogans dropping of a heavy bomb in the Middle East on the 9th, he announced that he would launch a military operation in the northern part of Syria, which led to a rapid rise in tensions in the region. Turkeys Ministry of Defense said in social media that as part of the Spring of Peace operation, the Turkish Army and the Syrian National Army have begun to launch ground attacks east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria.

On the 10th, Trump tweeted Turkey three options: war, sanctions or agreement. Send thousands of U.S. troops to the region and win military battles, crack down on Turkey with economic sanctions, or mediate an agreement between Turkish and Kurdish forces, he wrote. When asked by reporters which option he preferred, Trump answered, I hope its the last one.