U.S. Defense Secretary says he has not abandoned his ally Kurdish: he is no longer expected to fight side by side

 U.S. Defense Secretary says he has not abandoned his ally Kurdish: he is no longer expected to fight side by side

Esper (source: Getty)

Overseas Network, Oct. 12 (local time), Friday (11), U. S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper made his first public statement on Turkeys military operations in Syria at the launch meeting. Esper said that Turkish President Erdogans military decision was impulsive and would further destabilize the Syrian region. He also said that the United States did not abandon the Kurds because the U.S. military remained in other parts of Syria. But the Kurds seem to have cooled their hearts toward the United States.

According to CBS and USA Today, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said at a Pentagon news conference on November 11 that the United States was very disappointed with Turkeys military action. Esper said the invasion had damaged relations between the United States and Turkey, a NATO ally. Esper called on Turks to stop military operations.

It is clear that we have not abandoned our Kurdish partners and that the U.S. military is still in other parts of Syria, Esper said. Esper also acknowledged that Turkeys impulsive decision to invade northern Syria was making the situation of the United States difficult.

But Kurds seem to have cooled their hearts to America. On November 11, a Kurdish soldier told CNN, The United States has sold us out. We no longer expect to fight alongside the United States.

At the Pentagon launch, Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and current Army Chief of Staff, said Turkeys military operations were still relatively limited. He called on the Syrian Kurds to exercise restraint so that a possible diplomatic solution could emerge.

We (the United States) have one of three options: sending thousands of soldiers to win military victories, imposing severe sanctions on the Turkish economy, or bringing about an agreement between Turkey and the Kurds, Trump wrote on the social platform on Thursday (10).

Later, when asked by reporters at the White House which option he preferred, Trump answered, I hope its the last one. I hope we can mediate [between the two sides]. Turkey knows my position.

On Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkeys offensive will not retreat and that Turkey will ignore serious warnings from the United States and other Western countries. In its statement, the Turkish government insisted that it was clearing terrorist areas. But gradually, it began to look like a ethnic cleansing campaign that is forcing Kurds away from cities and villages, according to US media analysis.