Will Smith breaks the Hollywood Code and his popularity rises against the trend of the Internet

 Will Smith breaks the Hollywood Code and his popularity rises against the trend of the Internet

Despite his early and well-known debut, Wills recent works The Concussion Effect, The Focus of the Winning and After the Earth earned only $451 million worldwide. Despite the fact that Suicide Commando was among them, The Most Beautiful Arrangement became the worst box office opening film in his career, allowing the outside world to quietly stick the label of an outraged star to him.

As the momentum faded, Will made what was probably the most risky move in his career, deciding to shoot the movie Ghost on the streaming platform. At the beginning of the streaming platform, he was the first Aka star willing to give the opportunity to the streaming platform, and he also pioneered it so that later Sandra Bullock and Martin Scorsese were willing to join in the series. Streaming movies.

In the past two years, will has been reinventing his image in the community video through smart film selection and unabashedly. The most direct result is the amazing success of the movie Aladdin. He is now at the top of Hollywood stars. A top agent said: if his salary is not the highest, he is also first-class, with Leonardo DiCaprio, little Robert. Robert Downey Jr. is side by side.

The main reason for his popularity is the success of the community website. Will actively asked the economic company for a team to manage the social platform and quickly attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Nevertheless, the money earned by film and television works is no longer the bulk of Wills income. Investment in dozens of technology start-ups, the establishment of media companies that self-regulate their own assets and water brand are the main reasons for his current surging financial resources. Twin killers was released on the stage on the 23rd.

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