No look! Thats what happened in the early gym.

 No look! Thats what happened in the early gym.

Ancient Greeks were the first to attach importance to muscle lines.

Ancient Greeks advocated the beauty of the human body. They believed that the bodybuilding of the human body could be embodied vividly only by not wearing clothes.

Therefore, the ancient Greeks called all kinds of fitness exercises gynastike, which evolved from gymnos (naked). Now English words such as gymnastics and sports have evolved from it.

Of course, the nudity is not only a matter of words, but also a practical application of nudity: naked not only in the gym, but also in competitive competitions.

Fortunately, the ancient Greek Games only allowed men to participate in and watch, so the naked competition was not so embarrassing.

But imagine, as soon as the clothes are taken off, who is bigger and who is smaller, that is what the whole audience sees. Isnt it very embarrassing for the loser? (I mean muscle)

Of course, the ancient Greeks pursued a body-building body, mainly good-looking muscles.

In 1865, Dr. Gustav Zander developed the first batch of fitness equipment and opened the worlds first gym to help office workers relax, entertain and enhance exercise.

At first, these fitness equipment was just a simple combination of wood, pulley, weight and so on. They simply used resistance to pressure peoples muscles.

Because its too crude, people seem to be jailed when they use these fitness equipment.

Exercise arm strength...

Practice waist strength...

Practice... Neck training?

Practice your back...

Even foot massage... (Okay, I made it up)

Of course, not all the machines at that time were so unreliable, such as this one... Its very similar to the current sports bike. Its also specially used to exercise legs. Its a relatively reliable invention.

It is not difficult to find that the fitness of this period is not as bold as the ancient Greeks, but very tightly wrapped.

Cashmere jackets, trousers and boots are almost standard matches for men. Women are also tights and long skirts. Everyone wraps themselves up as formally as they want to go to work.

By the 1940s, fitness equipment began to develop towards automation. People have taken off their heavy coats and discarded fitness equipment like torture tools, replaced by a number of advanced, automatic, standing fitness equipment that can make people thin.

Theres nothing wrong with it except the clothes. Of course, the dynamic bicycle should be pedaled or pedaled...

Unfortunately, this kind of fitness has not been continued.

People still believe more in health in exchange for sweat than in lying down.

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It is said that this is what women looked like in the gym in 1940.

So soon after the implementation of the automated gym, people have returned to the original way of fitness.

Of course, with the development of technology, fitness equipment has also been improved. On the basis of maintaining the original working principle, people eventually turn them into what they are now.

Oh, yes! Little knowledge: The treadmill we use now is actually a torture tool in that year.

How on earth has it changed step by step from torture to the hot fitness equipment nowadays, focusing on the public musician (QUSHISHI163), more little knowledge waiting for you to discover!

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