Easy Moment Voice Edition: Not too much sleep? Its easy to get Alzheimers disease!

 Easy Moment Voice Edition: Not too much sleep? Its easy to get Alzheimers disease!

How long can you sleep every day? Just post it and tell us.~

Last question: After reading so many sand sculpture news, which one do you think is the silliest? Speak it out and make everyone happy.~

I remember that the news of sand sculpture should be at the end of last year or at the beginning of this year when I heard a moment of relaxation, I heard two men quarrelling and spitting each other. Really, I laughed out 48 abs. I think they should treat themselves as alpacas. After two years of listening, this is the first time Ive tried to break the up list.

Weixin netizens sauce said:

In the elevator, I asked my uncle standing in front of me, Did he eat?

Uncle laughed and said, Eat it. What did you eat? Just chewed two steamed buns.

I smiled and nodded: Uncle should pay attention to nutrition balance ah.

Turning around, he asked his buddies, What about you, Big Brother?

The man looked at me and said, whats the matter with fried eggs with leeks?

I looked at him and said, Did you just fart that fart?

Wechat netizens a city of mist and rain want to point a song:

Host, hello, Id like to order a bear from Li Jian if love is given to me by God. Because now she has gone to Guiyang to work, we belong to the state of separation. I want to tell her that Ill be able to find her in two months at most. Bear Bear, believe that our love has its own will, this time the end of separation is the starting point of our white head. In Guiyang, one must take care of ones health. I have been in love with Xiong Xiong for two years. I have never let him leave my side since I met him accidentally. Now I have been separated for a month. Although I am connected every day, I still miss him. By the way, Bear is a fan of the host. Its Bear that makes me like big waves. Li Jian is one of Bear Bears favorite male singers.

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Old rules, I wish you all hair dense, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth freedom, next goodbye!

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