Manchester United star complained about Liverpool captain: its too rough to be my commentator

 Manchester United star complained about Liverpool captain: its too rough to be my commentator

This is the first time in 10 years that England has lost in the qualifying stage of a major tournament, ending a record of 43 consecutive unbeaten qualifying matches. Roy Keane, a commentator on the match, said, There is no need to panic. Coach Sosgate has had a very good record in the past few years. Of course, there are also some shortcomings in the competition. Especially in the process of England losing the second goal, the defence seems to be very vulnerable.

Roy Keane added, Im looking at these players, like Marquis and Michael Keane, who are 25 or 6 years old and I think sometimes they dont learn and you cant wait for these guys all the time. And left-back Ross, my God, someone should keep a close eye on each other. I think hes shocked and terrible, but I dont think hell change much in the next three or four years.

Roy Keane said, Some players dont learn from their mistakes. Its a big problem and it costs them at the highest level. Ross will never win the championship. I have a better chance of winning the championship than he does now. And Marquelle, for an experienced player, you have to smell danger in the game, but he was walking.

Roy Keane said, Its not the end of the world, but England is a little arrogant. England didnt seem sharp enough from the start of the game, perhaps because they had difficulties away from home. There were some arguments before the end of the game. It was good because the players were not happy. They blamed each other. It was good.

In addition to the defence Roy Keane criticized Englands two starting midfielders Henderson and Rice, I think the final result is terrible. I didnt expect England to lose. The team had a good start and got a penalty in the fifth minute. You might have thought England would win and chase, but they didnt respond. Henderson and Rice played so roughly that they had no influence on the game and could sit in the studio with me.

This is not Roy Keanes first criticism of Englands national team. After Englands Euro Cup qualifier in Kosovo last month, England led 5-1 in the first half and scored two goals in the second half. At that time, Roy Keane criticized the Three Lions: England did not take their opponents seriously and lost the ball easily and did not return to defense. It was too hasty!

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