Hot! Turkeys winning streak is worth six points! The European Cup is close at hand

 Hot! Turkeys winning streak is worth six points! The European Cup is close at hand

The key figure before the game was 39-year-old veteran Emre. Emre made his 100th start for Turkey. The Turkish Football Association gave him his 100-Battle Jersey as a souvenir, and Emre thanked the fans with his daughter in his arms.

After the game started, the atmosphere immediately became very hot. In the seventh minute, the two teams nearly clashed on a large scale.

Demilar defended hard on the left side of the midfield for two consecutive times. After Demilar was blown for a foul, Barre gave him a suspected tap from his side. The two players immediately gathered together and the referee showed the yellow cards to both players. After being pushed aside by his teammates, Demilar was still chattering away with Barre.

The only goal in the game was in the 90th minute. There was a mismatch between the guards of the visiting team. Tosson headed the ball into the empty goal from a long distance on the right side of the restricted area. Turkey lined up to salute the army, then turned over to the billboard to celebrate the goal crazily.

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In the last home game, Turkey also killed its opponent, with a score of 1-0. In the 89th minute of the match against Andorra, yazics left corner was crossed, and the substitute, Tufan, leaped high and headed.

In Group H, France and Turkey scored 18 points, while Iceland and Albania scored 12 and 9 points, respectively. With the final three rounds left in the qualifier, Turkey has two qualifying places in the group, with an advantage of up to six points over Iceland. Without any surprise, Turkey and France will make Icelands war miss the 2020 European Cup.

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