Really only penalties? Kane kicked the goalkeeper directly without scoring a single goal.

 Really only penalties? Kane kicked the goalkeeper directly without scoring a single goal.

In the first four minutes of the game, Sterling broke into the penalty area and was tripped by Czech player Masopost. The referee blew the penalty kick. Kane took the penalty kick, cheated the goalkeeper and scored the penalty to help England take the lead 1-0. England beat Czech Republic 5-0 at home in the European Cup qualifying match in March. When Kane scored early, the Three Lions fans were expecting another big win, but the final result was that England lost 1-2 to Czech Republic.

In addition to the defeat in England, Cains failure to grasp the scoring opportunity was also a major factor. In the 64th minute, Sterling crossed the top ball into the penalty area on the left and Kane succeeded in inserting an anti-offside shot. He tried to shoot with his right foot in the air, but failed to play. As a result, the football was taken directly by Czech goalkeeper Wazlick.

In the 81st minute, it was Sterlings right-hand pass. The football crossed the Czech defender in an arc and passed directly to Kanes feet. Kane took the ball into the right side of the penalty area to get a single-knife chance, but Kanes final shot was saved by the shot goalkeeper, once again missing the good chance to score. If Cain can seize these two good chances, maybe England can win.

Its worth mentioning that Kanes penalty was his ninth penalty in England, which equalled Lampards record in the past. Kane and Lampard were the three Lionspenalty leaders. Kane has now scored 27 goals for England, ranking 12th in team history.

But the worry is that Kane seems to have become a penalty kicker. Kane has won the Premier League Golden Boots twice in the past, ranking second in the Premier League scorer list twice, but his sporting ability has been declining since he suffered injury problems last season. Kane has scored 12 goals in national and club competitions this season, six of which were penalties, accounting for half of the total.

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