Chinese aunt South Korea was rescued by passers-by holding her feet upside down for 40 minutes

 Chinese aunt South Korea was rescued by passers-by holding her feet upside down for 40 minutes

Firefighters are rescuing the hostess hanging upside down outside the window (East Asia Daily)

Overseas Network, Oct. 12, according to Korean media reports, recently, a 61-year-old Chinese female tourist tried to jump from a hotel in Seoul, South Korea, and was rescued after being seen by enthusiastic citizens passing by. On November 11, the citizen was awarded the Community Police award.

According to Yonhap and Chosun Daily, the hostess was a Chinese tourist who went to Korea with her daughter and stayed at a hotel in the south of the Yangtze River in Seoul.

South Korean citizen Park Kyung-ho (East Asia Daily)

On the morning of September 30, local time, the hostess tried to jump out of the window on the fifth floor. After being dragged by her daughter, she hung upside down outside the window.

This breathtaking scene was just seen by the passing Korean citizen Park Kyung-ho. At the age of 49, he called the hotel staff into the room and called the police.

Fire trucks were blocked and rescue time was delayed due to the large number of parked vehicles near the hotel.

Park Jinghao held on to the womans feet for more than 40 minutes. (Korean daily)

Before the rescue, Park Jinghao and the police held on to the womans feet for 40 minutes. During this period, some citizens piled sofas and waste products downstairs in order to prevent the landlady from falling suddenly.

At about 8:10, the mistress was finally safely rescued and sent to the hospital. It is known that he suffers from depression.

Police Department of Jiangnan District, Seoul (Yonhap)

On November 11th, the South District Police Department of Seoul presented a certificate to Park Kyung-ho for his bravery. Park Jinghao said on the spot that he was very grateful for winning the prize, but in fact, he was only helping. Others will do the same. He was also happy to say that his son would be proud of it.

South Korean media said the Jiangnan district police department also plans to award him the brave citizen Award.

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