Cai Yingwens responsibility for the dissertation disturbance to his alma mater is still unclear.

 Cai Yingwens responsibility for the dissertation disturbance to his alma mater is still unclear.

In CAI Bans statement, he gave some explanations for the five doubts mentioned by the media (the editorial of Lianhe daily).

First, Cai responded to questions about why Cais papers had disappeared for a long time and why they had not been submitted until June 28 this year. Cai submitted his papers for graduation in accordance with the normal procedures. However, 36 years later, it was found that the responsibility of the school was not for the students to lose the papers.

Second, the outside world questioned the mystery of Professor Cais guidance. Only one of the three instructors was publicized, and the publicized Micheal Elliott was only a lecturer in his 30s during his tenure at London College of Economics and Politics. Why could he instruct Cai to finish his thesis in a short time? Cai responded, as you can see from the information about Micheal Elliott, google. According to the school regulations, he can take doctoral students, no problem.

As for why the other two knew that the professor had not been made public, Cai Yingying did not respond positively. Unfortunately, the only public Micheal Elliot died of illness in 2016.

Third, why is Cais English paper full of hand-corrected traces and missing pages? Cai said that this is because 36 years ago, writing papers relied on typewriters rather than computers, and 36 years after repeated reprinting process or omissions. Cai runs and warns skeptics that if we look at things 36 years ago from a modern perspective, we will draw wrong inferences.

Fourthly, Cai Yingwen returned to Taiwan to teach in Zhengzhou University and Dongwu University successively. Didnt the two schools keep copies of their theses and diplomas? Cai did not give a definite reply to this.

Fifthly, it is questioned why Tsai ing Wen earned his Ph.D. in just two years, which is much shorter than that of the General Department of grammar. Cai responded, in line with the regulations, without any unreasonableness.

In a word, in order to calm the dissertation disturbance, Cai Pu made a seemingly reasonable explanation and explanation. But at the same time, it also creates more doubts and contradictions. For example, some Taiwanese netizens questioned why Cai Yingwens thesis case would continue to burn after putting a new pot on the head of London College of Political Science and Economics.

Cai Yingwen called his masters tutor dead but was picked up by netizens and still alive.

Cai Yingyuan, who was also deeply involved in doctoral dissertation falsification, once again described the still-alive masters tutor as dead, and was beaten in the face by netizens.

Cai Yingwen is suspected of falsifying papers and these politicians are also overturning because of his papers.

Years, decades, decades... Most graduate papers are dusty in the school archives. And those papers that can not withstand deliberation, even suspected of falsification, will always be a time bomb.

It is related to academic ability and personal morality. Falsification of papers is a very serious problem both at home and abroad. Once politicians are found out, resigning under the pressure of public opinion is usually the most respectable act.

Cai Yingwens open doctoral dissertation scholars questioned that the original is not equal to the dissertation

In response to the recent dissertation storm, Taiwans Presidential Palace on the 23rd made public Cais original doctoral dissertation, and also presented a series of academic certificates in an attempt to dispel rumors.

Some scholars have questioned that the manuscript is not equal to the paper. Why cant the whole formal paper be published?