Does Von Timos contract with his old employer expire with an annual salary of 50 million yuan?

 Does Von Timos contract with his old employer expire with an annual salary of 50 million yuan?

As the earliest group of young people in the field of live broadcasting, Feng Timo and Five Years of Mutual Achievement of Fighting Fish, when Fighting Fish was on the market, Feng Timo also started his first solo singing as a singer. In September 2014, Von Timo began his career as a web anchor on the Dogfish Live Platform, and was later discovered his musical talent by humming freely while playing live games. Under the support of the fighting fish, Feng Timo gradually became a flow bearer, and successfully dubbed and sung many songs such as Buddhist Girls. Even when Feng Timo was exposed to such negative news as accounting embezzlement of public funds to reward him, concealing divorce and smearing other anchors for the first sister, the platform chose to support him behind his back.

So when the contract expires, what is the story behind Von Timos initiative to release information to attract other platforms to negotiate? Did Feng Timos leap from anchor to singer go smoothly and affect his job of live broadcasting? For the live broadcasting industry, to end the second half of the money burning, to spend 50 million bets on whether the big anchor is worth it or not?

Is the big anchor value of 50 million a year worthwhile?

She is in a rather awkward situation now. When the big anchor contract expires, the original platform and the platform that she hopes to compete for will open the contract ahead of time, and will not wait until the contract expires and she has not found her next home, a broadcasting guild owner from Shandong told the Beijing News. He believes that Von Timos situation is mostly due to the mismatch between live data and salary.

According to the third-party live data platform Xiaohulu, in September 2019, Feng Timos Xiaohulu data ranked 38th in the Platform of Fighting Fish, with 89.5 million active fans per month in the live broadcasting room and an average monthly reward of 209,000. Its income index ranks 30th, popularity index ranks 75th, powder index ranks 57th, and the three indexes in August rank 43th, 52nd and 28th respectively.

Unlike Von Timos approach, most of the anchor contracts expire and will not be voiced through official channels. Previously, the fast-fielder had planned to meet with a head anchor of the game in May to discuss the signing of the contract when he learned that the contract of a head anchor would expire in the second half of the year. But the Betta Fish grabbed a week before the quick-hand appointment, and the COO Cheng Chao with the channel manager blocked the front door of the above anchor directly, completing a two-year contract renewal on that day. I have to lament that the game is very strict in the air control of the host, said a person close to the live broadcast of fast-hand games.

Many people in the live broadcasting industry said that the big anchor does not make money for the platform, because fans have been following for a long time, rewarding has been played, the only remaining brand effect. However, big anchors are often reluctant to expose the platform too much, and the degree of activity coordination is also low. How to choose is actually a simple problem of return on investment.

For the live broadcasting platform, just like the drama is hot on the video platform, missing a popular anchor will certainly have a certain impact, but the live broadcasting platform is more concerned about the year-round program arrangement, and the proportion of the anchor head, middle and waist to match, a live broadcasting association owner from Hunan told the Beijing News.

According to the data of six platforms, including Yingke, Zanthoxylum, Always Broadcasting, Meipao, Momo and Volcano, in the first half of 2018, 14.379 million anchors in the six platforms earned 4.703.2 billion yuan in half a year, with an average income of 3.2890 yuan per person.

According to Tencent Research Institute, in 2017, only 5% of the monthly income of network anchors was above 10,000 yuan, while 95% of the average anchors were below 10,000 yuan, of which more than 70% were under 100 yuan.

Is the life cycle of net red only two years?

Fang Yousheng, the chairman of the live broadcasting board, had pointed out in an interview with the newspaper that pan-entertainment live broadcasting can be started by signing a host, with stronger cash flow. The disadvantage is that the viscous of users is insufficient, and both users and anchors are constantly changing.

Net Reds life cycle is only 2 years is a well-known language in live and short video circles. For the expected problem of user aesthetic fatigue, most people try their best to produce better content, invest ten or even a hundred times of time to write better paragraphs and make more beautiful programs. But in fact, all this has not been very helpful to prolong the life cycle of the net red.

The so-called aesthetic fatigue is caused by a classical psychological concept: Sensory Adaptation. A large number of psychological studies have found that any external stimulus, whether given by electric shock or money, will eventually be adapted, that is, to make people feel insensitive.

This means that any external reward, whether its money, promotion, sex or food, can only provide short-term happiness. For example, the study found that six months after winning the 500W lottery, most peoples happiness level was almost the same as before winning the lottery - so 500W can only bring a few months of happiness.

That is to say, in order to meet the needs of different users in pursuit of fresh net red, live broadcasting and short video platforms need to form a continuous net red training mechanism, or net red training institutions, which is the so-called guild, or MCN institutions.

The key to winning the second half of live broadcasting

At present, the live broadcast industry has also developed into a huge industrial chain - derived from guilds, advertising and marketing agencies, offline exhibitions, online platforms and even companies engaged in professional content production engaged in online Red training and brokerage business. Among them, the guild is the link between the host and the platform. The platform relies on the rapid expansion of the guild, training new people and sharing responsibilities; the guild relies on the platform and the anchor to get a share; the anchor relies on the training of the guild and the flow of the platform to get a reward.

Gao Wen (alias), a securities analyst, once told reporters in Beijing News that there are three meanings for the existence of the guild: isolation of responsibility, clearing up the relationship in case of improper comments or live broadcasts; specialization and division of labor; the main task of the live broadcasting platform is to expand users and enrich the commercialization model, so it will outsource some functions to the guild; if no contract is signed, the host will be very accommodating. Easy to dig the foot of a wall. Generally speaking, the proportion of hosts, guilds and live broadcasting platforms is 30%, 20% and 50%.

In the early days, the live broadcasting platforms represented by the fighting fish and the projectors all adopted the direct contract mode, while the live broadcasting platforms represented by YY and Huya adopted the guild agent mode. Recently, however, Betta fishes and audiences have opened their guilds one after another and encouraged the major anchors and users of the platform to set up their own guilds to lead a new generation of anchors with their own experience. At the same time, Betta Fish also derived from the co-operation of major anchor brokerage companies, the way to bind the mode of major anchor by equity, and the guild named by the word fish on the platform of Betta Fish are all beta fish shares.

An investor of live broadcasting platform told Beijing News that when the platform enters into the refined operation, the guild will have problems such as inadequate capacity and earning price difference. At this time, some guilds will need to withdraw. The platform and the core anchor will sign direct contracts to reduce the intermediate links, but the proportion of direct contracts and the agency of the guild needs to be calculated accurately. But there is also a risk that platforms and unions will compete for profits.

Tang Xin, an Internet analyst, believes that there is a big difference between the live broadcasting industry and the state of money burning in the early days, which can be defined as the second half or the mature or rational stage (corresponding to the previous start and outbreak stage). At this stage, user traffic and hosting resources are basically monopolized by several enterprises in the head, and long-tail players are facing elimination. The test platform is no longer the competition for individual hosts, but the overall operation and contracting system.

Chen Li, editor of Platinum Lei, a journalist of Beijing News, coped with Chunbing

Source: Yang Bin_NF4368, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper