Two years ago, warning the safety of Wuxi Expressway: Trucks take chances

 Two years ago, warning the safety of Wuxi Expressway: Trucks take chances

Interview with Yuan Xuecheng: He warned about the safety of Wuxi Expressway two years ago.

After the rollover of Wuxi viaduct, a public document entitled How long can Wuxi Fast Inner Ring Viaduct last was found by netizens.

The paper questioned the trucks on Wuxi viaduct and considered that Wuxi was too loose in urban road management. Because this article was written in 2017, the author Yuan Xuecheng was called divine prediction by netizens.

Yuan Xuecheng told Knews that big trucks are not allowed on expressways, but there are still trucks. Because there are no traffic lights on the expressway, he will also take a chance and sneak up. I wonder if I can call 110 or the citizen hotline to solve this problem.

Yuan Xuecheng is an ordinary citizen of Wuxi and a middle school Chinese teacher. He has repeatedly reflected not the problem of Truck Overload in G312, but the illegal traffic of large trucks on urban expressways in Wuxi. But two years later, the problem has not been solved thoroughly.

Yuan Xuecheng said, The trucks on the urban expressway have not been stopped at all. I can only say that. So I also appeal to many people. Everyone pays attention to them. In fact, it is our own safety problem.

Writer of WUXI Elevated Safety Concern Two Years ago: Its very painful to see the accident.

On the afternoon of October 11, the reporter contacted Yuan Xuecheng, the writer of the micro-mail article How long will the Wuxi Fast Inner Ring Viaduct last?, who said that the section in his article was not the section of the accident, but that he was very sad to see the accident.