Cadres who had threatened traffic police with driving on prohibited days were warned by the Party about this.

 Cadres who had threatened traffic police with driving on prohibited days were warned by the Party about this.

Pengchao journalists noted that among the six cases of violations of discipline and discipline reported by the Xingtai Direct Work Committee, Xu Hongbin, a cadre at the official level in the office of the Xingtai Municipal Government, violated social order and good customs and had problems of improper behavior in public places.

The announcement revealed that on April 17, 2018, Xu Hongbin took his family members to a medical examination with his restricted driving vehicle. On the way, he was stopped by the co-policemen and did not cooperate with the traffic policemen to enforce the law, which attracted the crowd to watch and was exposed by the media, causing adverse effects. In May 2018, Xu Hongbin was warned and punished by the Party.

Peng Meis journalist confirmed to the relevant authorities in Xingtai on November 11 that the above-mentioned misconduct of Xu Hongbin was punished for driving on the day of prohibition and threatened the traffic police.

According to a report by China New Network in early May 2018, a black Audi car ban day in Xingtai, Hebei Province, was exposed by the media. In the picture taken by the police law enforcement recorder, in the face of traffic police law enforcement, the man driving a black Audi car claimed that I am in charge of traffic police in the city government office, and I am anxious to go to the police station to work.

In response to this, Xingtai Traffic Police detachment said at that time that Xingtai implemented two tail numbers per day in the main urban area, and the tail numbers on April 17, 2018 were 5 and 0. The black Audi vehicle was investigated and punished by the traffic police on the spot for violating the traffic restriction regulations, and the vehicle was punished according to law on the spot.

At that time, the Xingtai Municipal Government Office notified that the Party Group of the Municipal Government Office held a special meeting to study the problem of improper speech between the staff members and the traffic police during the period of motor vehicle restriction. It arranged for the Party Committee of the government to cooperate with the Discipline Inspection Unit of the Municipal Discipline Commission in the Municipal Government to carry out investigations in accordance with the procedures, and to deal with it strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations, and never tolerate it. Meeting deployment: among all the cadres and staff of the municipal government office, we should immediately carry out special style discipline rectification activities. We should take this issue as a warning, draw inferences from one instance, carry out comprehensive self-examination, be deeply alert, and resolutely put an end to the idea of privilege and the recurrence of such problems.

According to the Niucheng Evening News on May 2, 2018, recently, a section-level cadre of the Xingtai Municipal Government Office of Hebei Province traveled on the road in a restricted vehicle during the period of motor vehicle traffic restriction, and the municipal traffic police detachment punished him on the spot according to law. Because of the bad attitude of the traffic policemen when enforcing the law, they did not cooperate actively, which caused bad social impact, the Party Committee of the office of Xingtai Municipal Government gave the comrade a warning and punishment within the Party according to the procedure.

The man beat his daughter-in-law and threatened the police: I wont do it for fear of you.

A man in Fuyang pushed the police after beating his daughter-in-law, and shouted in front of the police, Whats wrong with my daughter-in-law?

Drunk Driving Men Threaten the Police: Give me a ride and bury you for life

August 6, Zaozhuang, Shandong Province. A man who had drunk driving accident did not cooperate with the investigation, scolded and pushed out the police officers, threatening the police to say, If you treat me once, I will bury you for a lifetime. After investigation, he was drunk driving and was detained for dangerous driving and obstruction of official duties.