Initial Identification of the Main culprit in the Opening of Ground Road at Wuxi Elevated Rollover Site

 Initial Identification of the Main culprit in the Opening of Ground Road at Wuxi Elevated Rollover Site

On October 12, at 7:12, a reporter from Modern Express saw that the ground road had been restored after emergency repairs at the site of the overturning of Wuxi viaduct.

Modern Express reporters learned that after the scene rescue, more than 20 sets of large-scale machinery were mobilized by the municipal and district transportation departments and the municipal armed police detachment. The overturned bridge deck was dismantled, cleaned up and ready for resumption of traffic immediately. After continuous operation, ground road traffic on Xigang Road has been restored.

Wuxi viaduct rollover site direct hit:

On October 10, the rollover accident of Wuxi viaduct caused widespread concern. At 5:33 a.m. on October 12, the Modern Express reporters arrived at the scene.

Usually this is a very busy main road in Wuxi, but at this time, in addition to busy workers, the road is relatively quiet, the scene is more machine roar. The broken bridge deck rolled over at the scene has disappeared because the wet road surface is slippery.

Gu Hongfeng, the project manager of Wuxi Transportation Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., introduced: After receiving the instructions at 5:00 p.m. yesterday, the personnel, equipment and materials came in immediately, and the site was cleaned up to 9:00. Then we took over and worked till about 4 oclock today. At present, the road surface has basically recovered. We blasted the old pavement and replaced it with asphalt. About 3,000 square meters of road surface were restored. Forty people and fifteen cars came in.

Hotels have recently become Emergency Command

Its full of safety hats and red bulls.

At the intersection of the accident, there is a Kelly Hotel, which is not only the nearest to the scene, but also greatly affected. When the reporter of Modern Express contacted the hotel on the evening of November 11, the other party told him that it was impossible to open business because of the road closure.

However, at 6:00 on the morning of the 12th, the reporter was present to see that the hotel has actually become a temporary rest place and small headquarters for construction emergency personnel on the spot. Many rooms are open for them, but reporters see that all the rooms are empty, it is estimated that people have already gone down, there is still a little warm atmosphere in the room. In a dining compartment, there are several bottles of Red Bull on the table.

At the scene, traffic signs have been painted, especially when crossing the bridge from Xigang Road, the newly painted left-right turning line is very striking. The reporter learned from the police that at present, the overpass bridge of the National Highway heading for Shanghai has rolled over, while the other side of the bridge deck needs to be tested, so the bridge is impassable. But at the beginning, the bridge was designed to pass through this level crossing. So for the time being, the national highway traffic will be driven on the ground, while the traffic guidance will be strengthened on the spot.

Modern Express reporters learned that the original road surface under the 312 National Highway Overpass Bridge had been repaired in the daytime and night of November 11 to re-lay asphalt, and the re-laying section was thirty or forty meters. ?

The culprit of the incident was preliminarily identified as follows:

Overloading of two cars on the same lane

Ma Yanqing, deputy chief of Xishan brigade of Wuxi traffic police detachment, said the incident happened at the junction of 312 National Highway and 228 provincial highway, which really had a great impact on traffic. To this end, we coordinated and organized traffic police around Liangxi, Huishan and Xinwu to conduct peripheral diversion, and specially arranged a large number of police forces to close roads around the eight main intersections of the accident site, to persuade and divert.

Modern Express reporters also got a preliminary answer on the spot to the cause of the incident that the masses are concerned about. At that time, two cars carrying steel coils passed the bridge deck one after the other, one with six coils and one with seven coils, each carrying hundreds of tons. Overload is certain, and its serious! Ma Yanqing introduced that one of the two overloaded vehicles passed first, and the second one had an accident when it passed. The two vehicles belong to the same transport company in Wuxi. At present, the two drivers have been controlled by Wuxi public security.

Ma Yanqing said he was shocked to see the accident that day. Everyone does not want to see such a thing, according to the normal he (driver) will not go to the elevated, that day somehow will go to the elevated, may be afraid of the ground police. We also pay more attention to this aspect of management in our daily life, and we will continue to strengthen this aspect of management in the future. Ma Yanqing estimated that it would take a month to repair the broken bridge on site.

Reporters Visit: Unlimited Sign within 4 km of Wuxi Elevated Rollover Incident

The owner of a logistics company on Xigang Road near the accident site told the Beijing News that there were no traffic police stations specially inspecting overloaded and overloaded sites near the accident site. As far as he knows, when the truck is found to be seriously overloaded, the traffic police will arrest the truck, and the driver will choose to go where there is no traffic police jack during the time when the traffic police leave work.

Wuxi Release: Rumors about overturning viaducts must be made clear

After the accident, Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City immediately launched the emergency response mechanism, and made every effort to carry out the rescue and disposal of the accident. The Armed Police Force urgently invested more than 500 officers and soldiers, 20 large-scale construction machinery to participate in rescue and rescue. However, in addition to casualties and property losses, the Wuxi viaduct rollover accident, like most safety accidents, has not been spared by rumors.