Ferraini: Manchester Uniteds dismissal of Jose Mourinho is too hasty and Chinese football is progressing

 Ferraini: Manchester Uniteds dismissal of Jose Mourinho is too hasty and Chinese football is progressing

Then Ferraini talked about Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. I dont know what they can do with this coach, but for me, it takes time to win and make progress. Coaches and senior managers have to find solutions together. Now that they have a new coach and want to re-use young players, they will encounter what happens when they let young players play, that is, the state will fluctuate. In football, you cant just use young players. You need a mixed team. To win a race, a championship, and a major event, you need experience. Of course, you can get the support of young players, but you cant win every game.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville said last week, Its better for Ferraini to play as a centre forward than it is for Manchester United today. Ferraini responded, Thank you for Gary Nevilles comments. I spent a good time at Manchester United and won the game. Yes, we didnt win the league, but we won the runner-up. Ferraini won the FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League Cup and the second place in the Premier League with Manchester United. Mourinho has said that leading Manchester United to the second place in the Premier League is his greatest achievement. Mourinho has been ridiculed in the past, but it seems that Mourinho has made a lot of sense to see the current situation of Manchester United.

I havent talked to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, whether I play or not, he said. But I thought I could play in the FA Cup, but I didnt play because he sent in young players. So I understand that I am not in his team plan, I accept his choice, no problem. The players leaving Manchester United are experienced and the coach decides that he no longer needs them. Thats the coachs choice. He decided that he no longer needed Sanchez or Lukaku, which was his choice.

Ferraini finally talked about his experience in the Chinese Super League. All I want to say is positive comments on Chinese football. They have excellent players and are making progress. They have introduced foreign players, foreign coaches and foreign managers. They want to make progress. I am very happy in China, and I am constantly improving. The intensity of the game in England is very high and getting higher and higher, and for me to come to the Chinese Super League is a good change.

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