Xiao Ruotengs fatal mistake missed the medal and the Russian Gemini won the second place.

 Xiao Ruotengs fatal mistake missed the medal and the Russian Gemini won the second place.

The first project is free exercise. Sun Wei, who first appeared, didnt fully stand on the ground when he did the 720 rotation movement of the group body, but other movements were very neat. Xiao Ruotengs overall movement is well completed, the only regret is that there is a small jump.

Finally, Xiao Ruoteng scored 15.025 (6.200 + 8.825), Sun Wei scored 14.033 (5.500 + 8.533). At the end of the first round, the same group of Russian players Dalaloyan (15.200) and Nagorny (15.041) ranked first two in the total score, Xiao Ruoteng ranked third, Sun Wei ranked eleventh side by side.

The second event, pommel horse, Xiao Ruoteng failed in the preliminary race, successfully completed the movement, the overall movement is very smooth. Sun Wei is also a super-long play, action without any pause. Xiao Ruoteng scored 15.000 (6.300 + 8.700) and Sun Wei 14.991 (6.300 + 8.691). After the second round, Xiao Ruoteng jumped to the top with 30.025 points, followed by Russian Nagorny (29.607) and American Mikulak (29.591). Sun Wei, with his outstanding performance in the pommel horse project, achieved a total score of 29.024, ranking sixth.

In the third project, Xiao Rotten had physical problems compared with the previous two rounds, and his strength was not particularly strong, so the overall movement was not particularly good. Sun Weis overall performance is better, but there are some problems such as long swing and pause time.

In the end, Xiao Ruoteng scored only 13.933 (5.700 + 8.233) and Sun Wei scored 13.966 (5.800 + 8.166). At the end of the third round, the rings were not the strength of the Chinese team, and they did not play well. Finally, Xiao Ruoteng (43.958) ranked third in the total score and Sun Wei (42.990) ranked ninth. American Mikulak (44.291) rose to first place, while Russian Nagorny (44.240) came second.

In the fourth event, Sun Weis aerial action was not a big problem, but his landing movement made a step error and was detained 0.1. Then Xiao Ruoteng, who appeared on the stage, played very steadily and successfully completed all the movements. Xiao Ruoteng scored 14.800 (5.600 + 9.200) and Sun Wei 14.600 (5.600 + 9.100 - 0.1). After the fourth round of competition, Xiao Ruoteng scored 58.758, ranking third, and Sun Wei (57.590) ranked sixth. Russias Nagorny (59.306) and Ukraines Voniayev (59.141) ranked first two.

In the fifth parallel bars event, Sun Weis whole set of movements were functioning normally, but there were small flaws when he landed on the ground. Xiao Ruotengs parallel bars are the highest score in the qualifying competition. He still played perfectly in the finals, and the overall movement rhythm was well controlled. Finally, Xiao Ruoteng scored 15.266 (6.200 + 9.066), Sun Wei scored 14.933 (6.200 + 8.733). After five rounds, Xiao Ruoteng ranked second with 74.024 points and Sun Wei ranked fifth with 72.523 points. Nagorny, who ranked first in the first four rounds, played steadily, scoring 15.300 points, ranking first with 74.606 points. Another Russian player, Dalaloyan, came second with a score of 72.932.

The sixth event is horizontal bar. Before the last round starts, Xiao Ruoten and Nagorny are in the first group. Xiao Ruoten needs to avoid major mistakes and Nagorny competes for gold medals. Sun Weis goal is to win the third place.

Sun Wei was the first to play, and eventually he overcame the pressure of omnipotent team finals to make mistakes. Although the first two movements had minor flaws, he successfully completed his own movements as a whole. Xiao Ruotengs early performance was perfect, but because of the difficulty of choosing the action, the body angle of the grab was too close, and finally he regretted dropping the device, but he successfully completed the action again.

In the end, Xiao Ruoteng scored only 12.666 points (6.000 + 6.666), Sun Wei scored 14.000 points (6.000 + 8.000). Finally, Xiao Ruoteng was ranked fourth with a total score of 86.690. Sun Wei was ranked fifth with a total score of 86.523. Then the Russian player Dalaloyan played steadily and finally scored 14.233 points. In the end, Nagorny, the Russian player who played in the final stage, also successfully completed the action, and finally won 14.166 points.