Jixiang: Star II is not good for retirement because they want to protect their father

 Jixiang: Star II is not good for retirement because they want to protect their father

Youre right! Jixiang is a second generation of stars, which makes him proud and distressed.

Born with Basketball

In 1994, the Toronto Mens Basketball World Championship, Chinas mens basketball team reached the top eight to create history, their group of mens basketball players known as the golden generation, Ji Minshan is one of 12 people.

1994 Golden Generation

To this day, Ji Minshan blurted out about one of the most proud goals in the athletes career. Five seconds after the 1994 World Championship against the team of the American Dream, Wu Qinglong snatched the ball and passed it to me. I opened my hand as a shot and scored.

Ji Minshan is introverted and low-key. He is known as the old yellow cattle in basketball circle, but he is the top player in basketball circle. There are many legends about him circulating on the rivers and lakes. In 1997, Yao Ming, who just hit the CBA, was convinced by Dajis exquisite CIC skills, to be a center like Dajis brother in the future. In the first match of Gong Xiaobins coaching career in 2003-2004, when Shandong played Zhejiang at home, Ji Minshan hit all 10 shots from mid-distance, which made foreign aid suffer a lot. After that season, he retired.

When I was young, when I went out with my father, many people would take the initiative to take pictures. Speaking of the star father, Ji Xiangs childhood memory is happy and happy. So far, the pride in his voice can still be clearly expressed, I feel very proud, very cool feeling.

My father is a basketball star. Jixiang has earlier contact with basketball than other children. I started to touch basketball when I was impressed, when I was two or three years old, he added, referring to the original basketball memory. I feel like I was born with basketball.

The power of example is infinite. The pride brought by his fathers achievements makes Jixiang have a strong interest in basketball since he was very young. Under his fathers guidance, Jixiang stepped onto the basketball road step by step.

At that time, I liked basketball very much. I spent most of my spare time on basketball. I would sleep with basketball in my arms. Ji Xiang said.

Ji Xiang initially wore No. 8 Jersey

The second generation of stars is a halo and a hoop Mantra

In 2013, 14-year-old Ji Xiang joined the Shandong Mens Basketball Team 3, embarked on the road of basketball, and was selected to play in Australia by the U14 Junior Team.

He started to train in professional teams after the third year of junior high school, Ji Minshan said of Ji Xiangs decision when he was 14 years old. He was very strong, trained very hard, and fit for sports, so he decided to take the road of basketball. Only later because of injuries...

The star father also brought great pressure to Ji Xiang.

At the age of 14, Jixiang, like other children, ran rampant during adolescence. His fathers teaching was no longer fully accepted. He even had the idea and practice of you say east, I lean west, especially when he joined a professional team, he no longer had an advantage over his peers. Fathers halo as a basketball star has gradually become a hoop curse on his head.

Especially after entering the Shandong Youth Team to participate in the national competition, Jixiangs pressure began to increase sharply. When he did not play well, the pressure from negative public opinion made him at a loss.

After the match training, I will watch the commentary report on my mobile phone at night. I feel very sad to see the negative comment of some fans. Sometimes I also secretly shed tears in the bedclothes. Jixiang said, My father always told me to put down the burden, but for me at that time, it was not said that I could do it.

Ji Xiang won the championship with Shandong Youth Team in 2017

There are many people who think that I play by the back door, depending on my fathers aura and relationship. Under the aura, there is too much personal attention and a lot of pressure. In addition, everyone will think that father tiger has no dog, we have to be better than others. Jixiang told Netease reporters.

When Jixiang was elected to the U14 Junior Team under Wang Jianjun, he called his mother at the first time and asked her, Is it because of his fathers relationship that he was elected to the Junior Team? After getting the negative answer, he devoted himself to training.

The two ideas of because of my fathers relationship and Im sorry for my father if I cant do it well have often appeared in Jixiangs mind since he was 14 years old and carried out his whole career.

Whether you like it or not, mentioning Ji Xiang, you will surely call him Ji Minshans son.

Hongyuan New Person Meeting, No. 39 Jixiang, son of Ji Minshan, a famous member of Shandong Mens Basketball Team

Fathers halo is almost always around the topic, remember when Hongyuan new people met, I said,No. 39 Jixiang, son of Jimin Shang, a famous member of Shandong mens basketball team.

It was a beautiful accident to be selected by Guangdong Team

On July 29, 2018, the CBA Draft Conference was held in Beijing. The Guangdong Team selected Jixiang from the Shandong Youth Team in the 18th place.

For being selected by Guangdong Team, Ji Xiang said it was an accident at first. I didnt expect to be selected by Guangdong. Because there were injuries at that time, there was no hope for the draft. Ji Xiang speculated, I think there should be my fathers reason for being elected by Hongyuan.

Ji Xiang was selected by Guangdong Team at the 2018 Draft Selection Conference

Ji Xiang was very surprised when he was called by Yao Ming because he was injured at that time, and his performance in the draft training camp was countless, and he did not fully demonstrate his ability.

There is a detail in the draft conference. The players who are appointed will sit outside the draft table, and when they are pronounced their names, they will be able to get on stage easily. Of course, I think I will be defeated. When I was seated, I chose the middle position. I was stunned when I was called out my name.

It was a beautiful surprise to be selected by Guangdong Team. Whats more surprising is that we won a championship this year. Jixiang said with a smile.

Tension and pride, father and son concentric

The children who grew up eating popcorn in this stadium have now completed their CBA debut on this stadium. Thank you for your support and love. And thank Hongyuan for giving me this rare opportunity [to snuggle] [to snuggle] [to snuggle] [to refuel 39 [Mickey Bixin]. This micro-blog on the evening of October 30, 2018 is still being held by Ji Xiang.

Screen capture of Jixiang Weibo

October 30, 2018, is the big day when Yi Jianlians CBA score exceeded 10,000 points. This day is also Jixiangs big day. He welcomed his CBA debut on this night.

Ji Xiang was replaced at the end of the competition in 3 minutes and 43 seconds. Tension and anxiety is the common feeling of Ji Minshan and Ji Xiangs father and son.

Especially with emotion, especially when entering Shandong Grand Ball Stadium, I never entered the infield. When I first stepped into the infield, the feeling was really special... Recalling that moment, nearly a year later, Jixiang was still a bit incoherent.

In 2013, as a fan watching Guangdong Hongyuan win the championship here, I did not expect that five years later, as a member of the Guangdong team, I can play here with my hometown team, feeling very magical.

The competition is totally different from the usual training. I feel my hands are trembling. I want to play, but I am afraid of making mistakes. Parents and relatives and friends are also on the scene. They have momentum and pressure. They are staggered with surprises, strong and weak. They are afraid of doing it too. Although there is no score in the competition, they feel very meaningful.

At the end of the last three minutes and 43 seconds, Ji Xiang made his debut, and Ji minshang was also very worried.

He entered the CBA for the first time, hoping that he could play normally. At that time, I was very nervous, afraid that he would not play well. Ji min, who was sitting on the edge of the court, said he was very nervous at that time. Im very proud to see my children playing in CBA.

At the end of 54.6 seconds, Ji Xiang, who was only 1.92 meters tall, gave Zhu Rongzhen a big hat of 2.18 meters.

At the end of the match, Ji Xiang, who was only 1.92 meters tall, gave Zhu Rongzhen a big cap. Although the referee blew a foul against the defender, the ball gave Ji Xiang great confidence.

On November 14, 2018, Guangdong hosted Tianjin. In the last 24.5 seconds, Ji Xiang received Hu Mingxuans pass to lay-up and scored his first CBA score.

At the end of 24.5 seconds, Ji Xiang received Hu Mingxuans pass to lay-up and scored, while his teammates waved towels to celebrate.

At first I felt a little dull. When I was replaced, I got excited. Referring to the score, Jixiang said, After watching the replay, the most exciting thing was the moment when all the substitutes stood up and waved towels for me, I felt excited to cry.

Although Jixiang only got 2 points in that game, which was not of great significance to the game, it had different significance to him. I feel I have participated in the CBA and left data behind. Jixiang said.

Guangdong Hongyuans season passed very fast and was full. Although there was only one season of CBA career, Jixiang felt very happy and lucky, especially to win the championship with his team. Although the participation is not high, but as a member of the team, I am still very excited, won the championship night happy basically did not sleep. Ji Xiang said.

A season in Guangdong Hongyuan is a very good memory of my career. If I hadnt been selected by Hongyuan last year, I would probably have retired last year.

The second generation of stars is gone, father and son are reconciled

During the whole vacation after the season, Ji Xiang was actually thinking about his next step. From having the idea of retirement to deciding to retire, it took about three months. The choice of retirement, but also struggled, until now, the mind often surfaced in Guangdong Team dribs and drabs.

Ji Xiangs Few Photos of Competition

Choose to retire, first, their strength level can not meet the requirements of the team, second, I have injuries and psychological pressure, before making the decision to retire. For the reasons for retirement, Ji explained. Retirement is also partly due to the protection of fathers. The somewhat entangled Libra boy goes on to say.

The whole basketball career, Ji Xiang as the second generation of the star bears a lot of pressure than the ordinary people. In fact, he may not think that Ji Min as his father still has a lot of pressure.

As a star father, he is also under great pressure, such as not being able to teach his children well, the problem of educational methods and methods, and so on. It is also a kind of pressure for his son to fail to meet his expectations. Ji Minshan said that Li Chunjiang and A Dijiang should feel the pressure.

Ji Xiangs group photo Yi Jianlian

After retirement, Ji Xiang is still inseparable from basketball. He will devote himself to the development and training of youth basketball. Without the pressure of the second generation of stars, Ji Xiang also teases his father. After winning the championship, I used to mock my father for saying,You havent won the championship all your life. My father said,Youre right. Jixiang said with a smile.

Unloading the halo and shackles of the second generation of stars is a kind of liberation for Ji Xiang and for Ji Min. In a sense, this is also the reconciliation between father and son.