How many minefields are there on the way for landlord tax evasion Airbnb to go public?

 How many minefields are there on the way for landlord tax evasion Airbnb to go public?

On September 19th, Abe Ying announced that it was expected to be listed in 2020. However, in addition to internal personnel problems, Abe Ying may have a lot of external problems to solve.

Make landlord a hobby without paying taxes

Epeying receives the notice from the Tax Bureau

On the evening of October 10, local time in Australia, Abby sent an e-mail to his Australian members warning them that their personal information, including their name, address, e-mail and so on, would be provided to the Australian Tax Bureau.

According to Australian media reports, Abe Ying wrote in an e-mail that he was currently being notified by the Australian Revenue Authority of the law requesting information on the landlords activities from January 1 to June 30, 2019.

This will affect more than 200,000 ABY landlords, which may lead to the rise of ABY housing prices.

Earlier, the Australian Revenue Service promised to force those working in the so-called employment economy to pay their taxes. However, the Australian Revenue Service said that some people refused to declare their income from renting Abbey because they thought it was only a hobby. The Daily Telegraph quoted the Australian Revenue Service as saying: We believe that some people who use shared economic platforms do not report their income, if not intentionally, they think it is a hobby and need not report it.

In fact, if you dont declare your income to the tax bureau, you may be severely punished or even imprisoned.

The Daily Telegraph quoted Michael Johnson, Australias chief executive of travel accommodation, as saying that the move would help clean up the economic accommodation sector, without worrying about landlords who have already filed income taxes.

This will greatly enhance transparency and equity between traditional tax-paying accommodation providers and basically unregulated short-term accommodation providers. Michael Johnson said. Brent Thomas, a spokesman for Abyeon, said the company would do a good job of getting landlords to pay taxes to simplify the work of the Australian Tax Bureau.

The United States tightens short-term leasing market

Many landlords still take risks

In addition to tax issues, violations and security issues should not be overlooked.

Abe Yings localization strategy has achieved initial results. While the expansion of Chinas market has been significantly accelerated, the United States has introduced short-term rent laws in succession, tightening the short-term rental market.

In the United States, many landlords choose to quit, while many landlords take risks and continue to carry out the landlord cause.

During the Golden Week of National Day this year, Peng Mei News ( booked two residences in Los Angeles and one in New York through the Abe Ying Platform. Before leaving, one landlord in Los Angeles sent a message saying that due to the legal changes in Los Angeles, it could not provide us with housing resources. So we hope to cancel the reservation and find out about it. His residence.

In the non-peak period of time, a lot of houses in the same area were disappeared in the previous search.

It is understood that after three years of debate in Los Angeles, the United States passed short-term rent regulations in December last year. According to the Urban Ordinance, since July 2019, owners can only rent their main residence, not a second set of housing or investment real estate, with a lease period of less than 30 days. Violators will be fined at least $500 a day.

Among them, the main residence requires the only residence for the landlord to share the house, and the landlord resides for more than six months in a calendar year. Landlords must register in the city, pay accommodation taxes, keep city inspection records and ensure that they have working smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and information about emergency exits, as well as other requirements.

In one of the Los Angeles residences, Peng Mei News found that in the three-bedroom house on the two floors, all of them were tenants, and the post-it notes written by the landlord were posted everywhere in the room. The landlord said that although he did not live here, it did not mean that the residents would not be taken care of.

Dont declare that you live in airbnb

PengMei News found that the ghpmgmt in the report mailbox address is GHPManagement, a subsidiary of GHPalmer Associates, which was established in 2009 to manage the property operation and residentssatisfaction of all multi-family residential communities. GHPalmer pioneered the phenomenon of luxury apartments in downtown Los Angeles. Among them, Medici, an apartment built in 2000, is the first luxury apartment in downtown Los Angeles.

The difference is that, although the stories were also told by the landlord when Abby arrived in New York, Dont declare that you live in airbnb for different reasons. The New York landlord said $100 had been charged for a $15 ride after a resident told Uber (travel APP) drivers during their stay that they lived in airbnb.

In a later chat, the landlords wife also told the surging news that another nearby Abe-Ying tenant had been burglarized by thieves when he went out to inform him of his accommodation. From then on, we will tell every resident not to mention that they live in airbnb, because people with ulterior motives will think that the people who live in airbnb are tourists and have money. The landlady said.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056