European preliminary - Kane point shooting + single knife missing! England was killed 1-2 by the Czech Republic

 European preliminary - Kane point shooting + single knife missing! England was killed 1-2 by the Czech Republic

In the 4th minute, Sterling burst into the penalty area with a single knife. His rebate was tripped by Masopost, who was recovered. The referee gave a penalty kick. Kane scored the free throw and England led 1-0.

In the 10th minute, Rose put down Darida and got the Yellow card. In the 16th minute, Jankerto kicked out the right corner, and Sossek headed back at the front and Hick headed high at the back. In the 24th minute, Darida passed the ball and Borriers long shot was caught by Pickford. In the 32nd minute, Jackson kicked a free kick from the right side, and Pickford hit the goal from the unguarded Hick 10 pier. In the 33rd minute, Sancho crossed the right side and Kanes right foot low shot was blocked at 14 yards. Kane signaled handball but the referee did not.

In the 41st minute, Hick made a breakthrough pass on the left side and missed 12 yards after Masopost stopped. In the first minute of the stoppage time, Munter opened the right corner and Michael Keane headed the ball to the top of the goal in the middle. At the end of the first half, the two teams drew 1-1.

Starting in the second half, Darida shot high in the 47th minute. In the 52nd minute, Maguire was attacked by Czech, hick passed the ball, sosek left rib 16 yards left foot shot to fly. Fifty-seventh minute, Cairn Strait. Stirling put in a single knife, and he was going to pass Wazlick, who dropped the ball, and he poked it out with his hand. In the 59th minute, the left foot shot from the right corner of Masoposts forbidden area and Pickford pulled out the beam.

In the 64th minute, sterling sent the top ball from the left side, Kane inserted the right foot 7 yards from the left rib and volleyed with no power. Wazirik got the ball. In the 65th minute, Hendersons long-range shot was caught by Wazlick. In the 68th minute, Stirling fouled and led the ball to the yellow card after the referee whistled. In the 77th minute, Clare and Masopost broke into the forbidden area after kicking the wall together. At 12 yards of Clares right rib, his right foot shot low near the corner, and Pickford threw out the bottom line.

In the 81st minute, Sterling passed a long pass and Kane put in a single knife. He dribbled a little more than 6 yards from the right rib and a small angle shot was thrown out by Wazlick.

In the 85th minute, the Czech Republic counterattacked, Masoposts right-hand breakthrough crossing, the unguarded Oderasek 12 yards from the right foot low shot, the ball flew into the lower right corner, Czech 2-1 England.

In the 92nd minute, Henderson received a yellow card for elbowing his opponent. In the 95th minute, the Czech Republic counterattacked, and the unguarded Kopik shot 12 yards straight at Pickford. In the end, the Czech Republic won 2-1.

Czech Republic (4231): 1-Watslik/5-Kufal, 3-Cherustka, 4-Brabek, 18-Borier/15-Sosek, 21-Clare/20-Masopost (9017-Zimhal), 8-Darida, 14-Yangketo (8213-Kopik)/19-Hick (659-Odrasek)

England (4231): 1-Pickford/2-Tripper, 5-Michael Keane, 6-Maguire, 3-Ross/8-Henderson, 4-Les (8823-Abraham)/10-Sancho (7220-Rushford), 11-Munter (7219-Barclays), 7-Stirling/9-Cain

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