The legendary life of Princess Cissie will be brought to the screen for the first time.

 The legendary life of Princess Cissie will be brought to the screen for the first time.

Princess CICI starring Romer Schneider and karheinz burm

Speaking of Queen Elizabeth of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it is well known that the German film Princess Cissie trilogy, starring Romee Schneider, was launched in 1955. It could even be said that it was this trilogy that made the maverick queen known all over the world. And this new play will be the first TV series featuring this character.

The Queen of Accidents

It is reported that the new play will be adapted from two popular novels, The Accidental Empress and Sisi: Empresson HerOwn, written by best-selling author Allison Pataki. Judging from the scores of the book review website, the evaluation of the two novels is close to four stars, which is quite good. Pataki will also be one of the producers of the new play. The producers hope to film a major actress from a modern perspective, showing a strong womans growth path and the process of accepting and embracing power calmly in a world dominated by men in order to live her true self.

Cissie: The Independent Queen

The content of the novel begins in 1853 when the 15-year-old Cissi began to fall in love with Franz, the King of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, who should have married his sister, until the sudden outbreak of World War I, focusing on all aspects of the Austrian-Hungarian royal family from bedroom to hall. Cissie is a very young queen. Amy Jenkins said, Shes charming and has her own ideas. She was a rebel of the royal family and set the Habsburg royal family on fire in an unexpectedly modern way. She expressed the hope that she could use a female perspective to show her struggles for self-determination.

Queen Elizabeth

At present, the cast of the play has not been decided yet, but from the words of producer Said Breton, it is likely that new people will be adopted. He said: We hope to attract the worlds talented first-class actors to re-create the legend. At the same time, a young actress, a new global superstar, will be introduced to the world.

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