Li Yundi was awarded the Golden Medal of Polands Supreme Cultural Medal of Art of Glory

 Li Yundi was awarded the Golden Medal of Polands Supreme Cultural Medal of Art of Glory

The Polish Medal of Glory and Art was established in 2005. It is an artistic medal awarded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to individuals or institutions in recognition of its outstanding contribution to and protection of Polish cultural and national heritage. Li Yundi has made outstanding contributions to Sino-Polish cultural exchanges and won the Golden Medal of the Medal of Glory and Art this year. In 2010, Li Yundi won the silver medal of the medal.

medal-conferring ceremony

As the honored guest of this award ceremony, Polish Ambassador Sai Xijun in China gave Li Yundi a high appraisal: Li Yundi is the first Chinese pianist to win the golden medal of PolishArt of GloryCulture Medal. On behalf of Poland, I would like to thank Mr. Li Yundi for his inheritance and propaganda of Chopin. I hope that he can continue to be a messenger of Sino-Polish music exchange and let more Chinese people understand Polish culture.

Li Yundi said that he was affirmed that he was able to win the Polish Art of Glory Cultural Medal again. He liked Chopin from an early age, and Poland, as Chopins motherland, had a different meaning for him, just before he won the Golden Prize of Chopin International Piano Competition 20 years ago. He is very proud to have won this honor as a Chinese pianist. In the future, he will devote himself to promoting Chopin in China and bring Chinese music to Poland, so that more people in China and Poland can understand each others music culture and promote the development of both sides in the field of music culture.

In 2000, 18-year-old Li Yundi participated in the 14th Chopin International Piano Competition on behalf of China and won the Gold Prize, ending a 15-year vacancy in the award. Li Yundi became the first Chinese pianist to win this award. At the same time, he was only 18 years old and the youngest champion of the competition in more than 70 years. After being recognized by one of the most authoritative piano competitions in the world, Li Yundi officially embarked on the road of professional pianist, and music became a career for which he was willing to devote his whole life. Li Yundi toured China in 2017 with Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the most famous orchestras in Central and Eastern Europe.

It is understood that Li Yundis World Tour Solo Piano Concert in 2019 is also in progress.

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