Trump: The first substantive stage of Sino-US economic and trade consultation

 Trump: The first substantive stage of Sino-US economic and trade consultation

Liu He first conveyed the message from President Xi Jinping, President Aozhi Trump. Xi Jinping pointed out in his message that the Sino US economic and trade consultations team has recently maintained communication and released goodwill, which is welcomed by the two peoples and the international community. The economic and trade teams of the two countries have made progress in negotiating some agreements. The two sides should properly address each others concerns and strive for positive progress on issues in other areas. Maintaining healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations will benefit both countries to the world. The two sides should adhere to the keynote of coordination, cooperation and stability, control differences on the basis of mutual respect, expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and promote the development of bilateral relations along the right track.

Liu said that during this round of consultations, the two sides had frank, efficient and constructive discussions on economic and trade issues of common concern, made substantive progress in agriculture, intellectual property protection, exchange rate, financial services, expanding trade cooperation, technology transfer and dispute settlement, and discussed arrangements for follow-up consultations. Handling Sino-US economic and trade relations is conducive to China, the United States and world peace and prosperity. It is hoped that the two sides will move towards each other, properly address each others concerns on the basis of equality and mutual respect, and promote the healthy and stable development of bilateral economic and trade relations in accordance with the principles and directions set by the two heads of state.

Trump thanked President Xi Jinping for his message, once again congratulated Peoples Republic of China on the establishment of 70th anniversary, and asked Liu He to convey his cordial greetings to President Xi Jinping. Trump said that the relationship between the United States and China has developed strongly. I respect China very much and respect President Xi Jinping very much. He is a great leader. I am glad to see that the first phase of the US-China economic and trade negotiations has yielded substantial results, which are of great benefit to both the United States, China and the world. It is hoped that the two teams will work hard to finalize the first phase of the agreement as soon as possible and continue to promote follow-up consultations. The United States welcomes Chinese students to study in the United States.

The conclusion of the new round of Sino-US economic and trade consultation has made substantial progress in many fields.

The new round of high-level economic and trade consultation between China and the United States has ended, and substantial progress has been made in agriculture, dispute settlement and other fields. The two sides agreed to work together towards a final agreement.

A New Round of Sino-US Economic and Trade Consultations

From October 10 to 11, the Sino-US economic and trade delegation held a new round of consultations in Washington. Exposure of details such as ordering takeout while eating and talking at the scene