Prevent emotional fission in marriage, you can do it!

 Prevent emotional fission in marriage, you can do it!

First, we should communicate in time when there are contradictions.

In marriage, when two people get along, they often quarrel about family trifles. Because each persons position is different, so the understanding of the problem is different. If we cant communicate in time, the feelings between the two sides will gradually fade away with time.

Husband and wife, to understand mutual respect, what to discuss with each other, so that the two people will get along like friends, when there is no barrier to communication between you, often there will be no big problem.

Second, there should be no cold war between husband and wife

Between husband and wife, people who can lower their heads and admit mistakes are often people who know how to cherish their feelings. Maybe there are many problems and contradictions between you in this life, but it is normal in itself. A quiet marriage is also a stagnant water.

Sometimes the communication between the two sides needs to be carried out in contradiction. The key is not to have a cold war, because the cold war is the killer of marriage. If both of them are too lazy to talk, then they really have nothing to say in the future.

When things happen, the opinions of both sides will be more inconsistent. Therefore, if we have a good discussion and learn to respect each other, we will resolve many contradictions in the initial stage.

Third, reach a consensus on the issue of money

When couples are together, a lot of contradictions will arise because of money. Therefore, in terms of money, both sides should have a correct position and plan the expenditure of money, so that when problems arise, they can handle them properly.

In case of a large amount of money, both parties must consult with each other and not arbitrarily, so as not to affect the harmony between husband and wife.

We should know that the feelings are the most fragile now. Since two people have come together, they should be financially open and get along with each other as relatives, not because of the inconsistent use of money and affect the feelings of two people.

Fourth, dont let your family take part in your life too much.

After you get married, you have your own life. No matter how deeply you and your family are feeling, remember not to let your family take too much part in your relationship and problems.

Because these opinions will become a problem between you in the future. After all, your family and your spouse will not be able to get along with each other very soon. They can not fully understand your spouses personality. If you comment on something at will, your relationship will be embarrassed.

So once you start a family, you should know how to be independent and not rely too much on your family.

Fifth, remember each others special festivals

Let each other feel warm. In the future, even if there are contradictions between the two sides, it will still feel warm in memory. If you know this, you will save for your feelings.

The thickness of the feelings will experience the accumulation of time, even if there are problems and contradictions, they will closely surround the two sides.

Reprinted please indicate that the original text is from Xuyuan Emotional Institute!