Hangzhou 2-year-old boy fell to the building and died. His father blamed himself for not stopping slapping himself.

 Hangzhou 2-year-old boy fell to the building and died. His father blamed himself for not stopping slapping himself.

At 3:15 p.m. on October 11, the reader revealed that there was a child who had fallen from upstairs and was still on his way to Wangjiang West Garden in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Reporters first verified that the fall was a little boy, two and a half years old, the 5th floor fell, has been sent to the hospital.

Zhu Dajie of Wangjiang Home District first discovered the child.

At about 3 oclock, I went home and walked past the scene of the accident. Then I saw a naked child lying on the ground with blood on the ground. I was so anxious to shoutCome and save people. The elder sister said that the neighboring residents quickly gathered. Someone called 120. A few minutes later, the little boys father rushed down and saw the child lying on the ground. She blamed herself and kept slapping herself.

Another elder sister nearby said that the child was about two or three years old and could walk. She once met a child, Daddy asked her grandmother to hold him. Daddy said he could go by himself, and the child was obedient, so he climbed the stairs by himself.

There were many residents gathered downstairs. Some residents said that the family was rented here with two other families. The whole house was more than 60 square meters and lived in three families. The three families in the accident lived in a small room separated from the living room.

Grandpa and Grandma rented another small apartment in the district, one room and one hall. Grandpa set up a shoe stall at the door. When parents were away, the children were taken by Grandpa with help. Grandpa has been repairing shoes at the entrance of the community for 14 years. Residents are familiar with him. Packs and shoes will be repaired by Grandpa.

Half an hour after the accident, someone ran to the door to tell Grandpa that Grandpa, who was still repairing shoes at the door, knew that the doll had happened. Grandpa immediately took the shoe stall, and it was really heartbreaking to see how he looked. Resident Wu Dajie said.

Someone said that the child fell from the outermost window on the fifth floor. This window is next to an outside air conditioner. There are bathtubs and other sundries on the outside of the air conditioner. Some residents guessed that the room was too small, so they put some things in the house on the outside of the air conditioner. The child may just climb down the window and fall down.

The reporter went up to the fifth floor.

The door of the childrens house was open, and there was no one in it. There were five pairs of childrens shoes in the door.

There are three bedrooms, two of which are equipped with anti-theft doors, and the other one is a white door. The boys live in a room with a white door.

Several neighbours gathered at the door of the house and said, Its a pity that the children look good and the parents of the children look good too.

Community sanitation personnel said that the father of the family is from Anhui Province, and the family rents a house in the community. Dad works at night. In the morning, the grandpa repaired his shoes outside the neighborhood. The grandpa took the children to play at the shoe repair stand. Ive seen children, good, lovely. At noon, Grandpa gave the child to his father and continued to repair his shoes outside. The accident happened unexpectedly.

It is also said that when the child is in trouble, the father may be preparing food.

At 4:05 p.m., the reporter came to the rescue room. A child was lying on a small bed. A man in white T knelt on the ground. On the other side of the bed, a woman in black was crying.

Insiders said that the child was delivered to the hospital at 3:20 p.m., which was dangerous. The crying one was the mother of the child, and the white T one was the father of the child. My father is at home, my mother is at work, and then came.

The security guard accompanied his father to collect the medicine. His father stumbled and stumbled. The security guard was very distressed when he looked at it. Oh, what a pity, the medicine that was rescued could not be used in time.

The doctor in the rescue room said that the situation was not optimistic when the children came. The time to get to the hospital was 3:26 p.m. After rescue, but unfortunately, the children could not be rescued.

At 4:18 p.m., this little cute and beautiful boy left the world forever.

The police are also distressed, and he hopes to appeal again through the media: parents with children at home, must do a good job of home protection measures.

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