Three women in the toilet of a cinema in Fuzhou were the youngest to be molested in public at the age of six.

 Three women in the toilet of a cinema in Fuzhou were the youngest to be molested in public at the age of six.

These two days, a video circulated by friends

Let netizens get angry!

In the public toilet of a cinema

Three women have been molested in public!

It happened on October 5.

Fuzhou Zhongfang Marlboro City Jinyi Cinema

One of the victims was a 6-year-old girl.

The girls father, Mr. Wei, said

My daughter went to the movies with her aunt.

Half an hour after the film began

The child wants to go to the toilet

My aunt will take her with her!

Scene of the accident

The aunt talked to the child in the cubicle, and when she talked, she found that the child did not respond. Then she heard a big sister shouting,Why are you in the toilet?

When my aunt rushed out

See a big sister from a man

Hold the child in your hand

The elder sister said that she went out of the toilet after going to the bathroom.

Found a young man crouching in the ladiestoilet

The man picked up the little girl

Her hand went into her upper garment.

Video screenshots

A student who witnessed the scene said:

Around 3 p.m. on her way to the cinema alone, she noticed that the obscene man followed her and she quickly hid in the cinema, while the man also slipped into the womens bathroom.

He rushed into the bathroom and put a girl on the floor. The girl screamed in horror, then escaped and cried on her girlfriend. Then the man continued to hide in the toilet and started again with a little girl waiting at the door of the toilet.

After being stopped by others, the obscene man still did not stop. After putting down the little girl, he rushed to a young woman and held her in his arms. Girls around the cinema quickly called for help and alerted the police, but there were not many on-site staff, and they were all women. After a while, the male staff arrived and surrounded the obscene men. The man was then taken away by the police.

Witnesses at the scene:

At the police station,

Mr. Wei met the man and his family.

According to his family, the man is mentally ill.

Having no place to live, running around

But thats what were saying at the moment.

It has not yet been confirmed by the police.

Local police said the man was currently in criminal detention and the case was under investigation.

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