Concerning the well-being of 2.7 billion people, China-India cooperation shoulders a special mission

 Concerning the well-being of 2.7 billion people, China-India cooperation shoulders a special mission

Over the past year, China and India have made comprehensive progress in the areas of increasing trust, explaining doubts, expanding cooperation, controlling differences and so on, which has become a bright spot in the diplomacy of the two major powers and their neighboring diplomacy.

On the political front, the four meetings between the leaders of China and India have deepened mutual trust, injecting a steady and steady momentum for the development of bilateral relations and setting a new record for the exchanges between the leaders of the two countries. At present, there are more than 30 dialogue mechanisms between the two countries, covering political, economic and trade, humanities, defense, security, local and other fields. Especially in terms of humanities, the two countries have successfully held two high-level meetings on the mechanism of human-cultural exchanges, with personnel exchanges exceeding one million.

On the border issue, the 21st Special Session on the Sino-Indian Border has made remarkable progress. The two sides agreed to authorize the Sino-Indian Border Affairs Consultation and Coordination Working Mechanism to initiate the early harvest consultation, carry out work creatively, systematically study the areas and matters initially reached consensus, find out the measures and solutions as soon as possible and form concrete results, which create and accumulate favorable conditions for the proper settlement of border issues. On sensitive issues, the two sides appropriately handled the listing of Massoud in a mature manner, demonstrating the sincerity of further developing bilateral relations.

In terms of regional cooperation, the Chinese and Indian foreign ministries implemented the outcome of the Wuhan meeting and officially launched the Sino-Indian Plus cooperation project for joint training of Afghan diplomats in Afghanistan, which laid an early foundation for enhancing political trust and expanding more Sino-Indian Plus model in the next step.

The results of economic cooperation are even more remarkable. Against the background of slowing global economic growth, Sino-Indian trade volume reached a new high of 95.5 billion US dollars in 2018, which is expected to achieve the target of 100 billion US dollars set by the two countries ahead of schedule. With regard to Indias trade deficit, which has been of great concern to India in recent years, China has responded positively to Indias concerns by taking measures to expand imports from India, including reducing tariffs on some imports from India to China, sending procurement missions to India to assist in the transportation of agricultural products and medicines from India to China. In the first half of 2019 alone, Indias trade deficit with China fell by 5% year-on-year, and the export volume of agricultural products to China doubled year-on-year.

At the same time, unprecedented changes in the past century have also created new opportunities. The biggest change is the group rise of developing countries represented by China and India, which has achieved rapid development and fundamentally changed the international power balance. How to seek benefits and avoid disadvantages, seize the opportunities of the times, achieve common progress and development, and better meet the general demands of the 2.7 billion people of the two countries for stability, peace and development are strategic and overall issues facing the leaders of the two countries.

For China, India, as an important neighbor, is not only an important emerging economy, a major developing country and a multilateral partner in the world today, but also one of the most important countries in the worlds great changes that affect the evolution of the international pattern. China needs an India with growing common interests and going hand in hand.

For India, the internal and external environment of security and stability is the most basic guarantee for Modi to continue to build a new India and promote national development and progress after his re-election this year. China is the second largest economic power in the world, and its growing international influence is increasingly valued by India.

Following the trend of Wuhan meeting, China India cooperation will open a new chapter. It is undoubtedly the purpose and purpose of the second informal meeting of leaders of China and India to expand the positive aspects of bilateral relations with the positive energy accumulated continuously, and to build a community of human destiny for China and India through persistent strategic efforts. Depending on the common expectation of two fifths of the worlds population, the significance of Sino-Indian cooperation has already transcended bilateral and regional areas, and its far-reaching impact on the well-being of mankind will continue to emerge over time.