Xinhua News Agency asked three questions about electronic cigarettes: Is it considered smoking? Is it harmful? Should it not be controlled?

 Xinhua News Agency asked three questions about electronic cigarettes: Is it considered smoking? Is it harmful? Should it not be controlled?

On October 1, the newly revised Regulations on Smoking Control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone came into effect, which dramatically included electronic cigarettes in the scope of smoking control. Previously, the Hangzhou Regulations on Smoking Control in Public Places also made it clear that smoking refers to the inhalation and exhalation of tobacco smoke or harmful electronic smoke, as well as the holding of lighted tobacco products.

In fact, in recent years, electronic cigarettes have become a high-speed growth industry, and the consumer population has increased sharply. According to the Research Report of Tsinghua University, the total annual sales of electronic tobacco in China in 2018 amounted to 33.75 billion yuan.

From science and technology fashionable consumer goods to be included in the scope of tobacco control, where will the future of electronic cigarettes go? It is understood that the State Health and Health Commission, together with relevant departments, is conducting research on the regulation of electronic cigarettes, and plans to regulate electronic cigarettes through legislation.

Is it smoking?

Relevant regulations have begun to focus on whether electronic tobacco belongs to tobacco or not.

A variety of flavors, various shapes, with a sense of science and technology and fashion, electronic cigarette Fu is sought after as soon as it appears. According to industry insiders, there are three main types of electronic smoke: heating non-combustible tobacco products, electronic atomization system containing nicotine, and electronic atomization system without nicotine.

Among them, the electronic atomization system containing nicotine is the mainstream type in China, that is, the electronic fume containing nicotine or spice solution is transformed into smokable vapor fume by atomization.

Many consumers said it was not clear whether e-cigarettes belong to the category of tobacco. Reporters learned that for electronic cigarettes, there are currently three global positioning: general consumer goods, tobacco products required by tobacco legislation and regulatory standards, and pharmaceutical products required by pharmaceutical regulatory technical standards.

The tobacco monopoly law amended in 2015 stipulates that tobacco monopolies refer to cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, etc. Electronic cigarettes were not included.

However, some places have begun to make clear definitions of e-cigarettes, which are included in the category of tobacco products. The newly revised Regulations on Smoking Control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which came into effect on October 1, specifies that e-cigarette is a device that vaporizes and delivers a mixture of nicotine (or no nicotine), propylene glycol and other chemicals to the users lungs, belonging to tobacco products.

Is it harmful?

Publicity labels such as health and quit smoking have been denied by authorities

Healthy e-cigarettes make everything possible if you have health, quit smoking at the same time, quit smoking early and get healthy early, say goodbye to cigarettes in a healthy way easily... Among all kinds of advertisements, health and quit smoking are the most eye-catching labels and selling points.

Many consumers said that they chose electronic cigarettes because of the propaganda of easy quitting smoking and harmless to the body. However, some of them also have doubts about the real impact of e-smoke inhalation on their bodies. Electronic cigarettes contain glycerin. Is inhalation harmful to the lungs? The flavor inside is heated hundreds of degrees Celsius evaporation, is there any harm? Zhang Shuo, a perennial e-cigarette smoker, was puzzled. I hope to have an authoritative conclusion.

Some sellers claim that electronic cigarettes replace cigarettes very well, mainly play a role in replacing cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not produce tar. But when the reporter further questioned whether nicotine was contained, the seller admitted, Yes, but less than real smoke.

The World Health Organizations latest Global Tobacco Epidemic Report 2019 points out that e-cigarettes are undoubtedly harmful, not only nicotine, but also some other harmful substances. The long-term health effects of e-cigarettes are not yet clear; there is no sufficient evidence that e-cigarettes help quit smoking.

Zheng Zhenpin, director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research at Fudan University, said that most electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, which is also addictive. For highly addicted smokers, they can go to the regular smoking cessation clinic for counseling or use regular smoking cessation drugs. Electronic smoking is not recommended for smoking cessation.

In addition, the reporter noted that because the current location is not clear, the lack of production standards of electronic cigarettes, resulting in random addition into the industrys public secrets. Jiang Xingtao, chief fume research and development expert of Yueke, said that Arecoline and caffeine were popular in the whole electronic cigarette industry last year. This year, American researchers found that the potential carcinogens of menthol and menthol-flavored electronic cigarette products, peppermint ketone, exceeded the standard.

Jiang Xingtao believes that relevant regulations should clearly stipulate the limits of impurity pollutants such as extraction in electronic atomization fume oil.

Should it not be controlled?

Policies are gradually tightening

Reporter survey found that electronic cigarette sales channels, low threshold. YueKe electronic cigarettes responsible person told reporters that although electronic cigarettes contain nicotine components of the fume, but still according to the general consumer goods tax, there are currently online sales.

It is particularly noteworthy that among the consumers of electronic cigarettes, the number of minors is very large. The results of the 2008 China Adult Tobacco Survey released by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that the majority of people who use electronic cigarettes are young people. They have heard of electronic cigarettes, used electronic cigarettes, and the proportion of people who use electronic cigarettes now has increased.

Although some brands of electronic cigarettes take the initiative to print Minors and other people do not use and other reminders on the obvious location of the product packaging, they can easily buy electronic cigarettes in online e-commerce platform, offline convenience stores and franchised stores without showing any age identification.

The electronic cigarette store on the first floor of Jiedeng Metropolitan Mall in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City is less than 500 meters away from many primary schools nearby. When the reporter asked if there were any minors to buy, the shop assistant told the reporter that they will judge whether they are adults by visual inspection, Of course, now some minors in high school take off their school uniforms to buy, it is really not visible.

Cheng Xueliang, secretary-general of Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Industry Association, believes that the standards of electronic cigarette industry should be established from raw materials, production technology, quality inspection, storage, transportation and after-sales service as a whole; the circulation link should be strengthened to prevent electronic cigarettes from becoming the first smoke for minors to contact cigarettes.

In addition, there have been many controversies over whether electronic cigarettes should be banned in public places. Handheld electronic cigarettes are often seen in public.

In the Beijing Urban Rail Transit Passenger Code, which came into effect on May 15, 2019, the prohibition of electronic smoking was added. The Civil Aviation Administrations Notice on the Comprehensive Prohibition of Smoking in the Cockpit also stipulates that smoking (including electronic cigarettes) shall be prohibited in the cockpit at all stages of operation.

It is an indisputable fact that electronic cigarettes can also cause second-hand smoke. Zheng said that the second-hand smoke of electronic cigarettes contains fine and ultra-fine particles, volatile organic compounds, propylene glycol and heavy metals, which can endanger health. Electronic cigarettes should be banned in public places.

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