Iranian tanker missiles hit oil prices soaring! A shares are up and down!

 Iranian tanker missiles hit oil prices soaring! A shares are up and down!

On October 11, several foreign media reported that an oil tanker of the Iranian National Petroleum Corporation exploded in the Red Sea near Jeddah Port in Western Saudi Arabia, causing a large oil spill.

After the incident, the domestic ine crude oil jumped in short term, up more than 3%, ah related stocks also rose strongly, mail, oil service and other stocks soared.

Iranian oil tanker exploded

Alleged or caused by Saudi missile attack

According to the Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA), an Iranian oil tanker exploded near the Saudi port of Jeddah on November 11, causing serious damage to the vessel and a large amount of crude oil flowing into the Red Sea.

Reported that the explosion of the tanker belonged to the Iranian National Petroleum Corporation, when the explosion occurred, the tanker was 60 miles from the Saudi port city of Jeddah in the sea.

Technical experts launched an investigation into the cause of the explosion, the source said: Technical experts believe that this is a terrorist attack (caused).

Irans state oil company said the explosion was triggered by two missiles and the ship is in stable condition. Subsequently, the company also said that the missile that attacked the Iranian tanker might come from Saudi Arabia.

This is the second black swan incident in a month. In the early morning of September 14, two oil facilities of Saudi National Petroleum Corporation (SAPC) were temporarily shut down by fire caused by several drones, cutting oil production capacity by about half, accounting for about 5% of global oil output.

At that time, although Yemeni Hussein militants had claimed responsibility for the attack, the United States believed that Iran was the main envoy behind the drone attack, and Saudi Arabia acquiesced to the U.S. accusation. The Iranian oil tanker exploded, and the Iranian National Petroleum Corporation accused that the missile might have come from Saudi Arabia.

Oil prices responded to the surge

Gold and Silver Short-term Rise

After the exposure of the Iranian oil tanker attack, oil-related varieties moved in response to the news, and oil prices rose sharply. INE crude oil jumped suddenly from 1% to 3% and closed up 3.21% today.

Brent crude oil rose in a straight line, breaking the $60 mark; New York crude oil and WTI crude oil rose about 1.7%.

At the same time, because the explosion involved the geographic situation in the Middle East, hedging sentiment warmed up, gold and silver double short-term pull up, from decline to rise.

AH Energy Stock Outbreak

Oil Suit Oil Transport Stock Strength

As the incident occurred in the Asia-Pacific stock market, AH-related stocks rose strongly.

A-share petroleum and petrochemical industry index rose, up 1.86% by the end of the day.

Nearly 40 petroleum and petrochemical stocks rose; Haiyue Energy continued to rise after noon, closing the end of the day; Baomo shares closed after noon, apparently affected by the incident; more than a dozen stocks rose by more than 3%.

Especially oil transportation related stocks, todays rally is good. China Merchants Steamship closed again after trading yesterday, and CNOOC Clothing rose more than 8% at the end of the market.

The H-share Hang Seng Energy Index led the way, rising by about 3.4% at 16:00.

Southern energy rose by more than 20%; Zhonghai Oilfield Services rose by 5.65%; CNOOC, PetroChina, Sinopec and other mainland oil stocks were among the top performers.

Source: Liu Song_NBJ9949, Responsible Editor of China Foundation Newspaper