Shortage of drugs, price increase? The State Council issued a document to curb the rapid rise in drug prices

 Shortage of drugs, price increase? The State Council issued a document to curb the rapid rise in drug prices

China New Network Client Beijing Oct. 12 Electricity and Drug Shortage Patient can not use, the market was manipulated illegally leading to high prices... In recent years, the shortage of drug supply in China has attracted much attention. Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued Opinions on Further Improving the Work of Guaranteeing Supply and Stabilizing Price of Shortage Drugs, which regulated a series of problems in order to guarantee the basic drug demand of the masses.


u2014u2014 Establishment of a National Multi-source Information Collection Platform for Drugs in Shortage

How can we find out the shortage of drugs in time? Improving the sensitivity and timeliness of monitoring response is an important part of the Opinions published this time.

The document proposes to build a national multi-source drug shortage information collection platform.

Specifically, the leading units of the consultation linkage mechanism of the national shortage drug supply guarantee work, together with the relevant departments of industry and information technology, medical security, drug supervision and management, will establish a cooperative monitoring mechanism to realize the sharing of information on registration, production, procurement and price of raw materials and preparations, refine operational monitoring and early warning standards, and monitor and forecast dynamically in real time. The police also regularly form monitoring reports to strengthen coordinated response.

In addition, the document also proposes to do a good job in the management of shortage list of drugs.

According to the requirements, the leading units of the national and provincial linkage mechanism, together with the member units, formulate the national and provincial key surveillance lists of clinically necessary and shortage-prone drugs and the list of shortage drugs and adjust them dynamically.

To monitor and dynamically track the key drugs in the list, and to timely bring out the list of drugs with sufficient market supply and effective competition. The relevant departments and localities shall respond to the shortage of drugs in the list in a timely manner according to their responsibilities.

Photographs by Xinhua reporter Zhang Tianfu

u2014u2014Allow medical institutions to independently record and purchase medicines in short supply

Documents published this time have also opened many green lights for the procurement of drugs in short supply.

The Opinion clearly states that for the varieties in the national and provincial drug shortage list, enterprises are allowed to quote independently on the provincial drug centralized procurement platform, directly link to the network, and medical institutions are allowed to procure independently.

For medicines in the key monitoring list and shortage list of medicines which are clinically necessary and easy to be in shortage, if there is no enterprise on the provincial drug centralized procurement platform or not included in the provincial centralized procurement list, the medical institutions may put forward the procurement demand, search the pharmaceutical manufacturers offline, negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical supply enterprises, determine the procurement price in accordance with the principle of fairness, and consult with the provincial drug supply enterprises to determine the procurement price. The centralized purchasing platform can record independently and make it open and transparent.

In addition, the Opinion also points out that the provincial medical security department, relying on the provincial drug centralized procurement platform, regularly monitors the drug distribution rate, purchase quantity and payment settlement, strictly manages the drug purchase and sale contract, and punishes enterprises for failing to distribute and supply according to the contract provisions in time.

DATA FIGURE: In an old drugstore in Beijing, there is an endless stream of people coming to buy medicines. China News Agency Fair Li Huisishou

u2014u2014To curb the excessive rise of drug prices

In view of the price increase of some drugs which are frequently criticized by patients, the Opinions especially put forward that we should strengthen the supervision and enforcement of drug prices.

It is clear in the document that for drugs with abnormal price increase, large price differences between regions, serious poor distribution or continuous multiple warnings, comprehensive use of monitoring and early warning, cost investigation, inquiry and interview, information disclosure, suspension of hanging-up network and other measures will be resolutely restricted.

In addition, monopolies and price violations in the field of raw material drugs and pharmaceuticals should be investigated and punished according to the strictest standards, and the criminal responsibility should be investigated according to law, and the relevant responsible persons should be dealt with resolutely so as to form effective deterrence.

If the price increase is unreasonable and illegal, penalties shall be imposed in accordance with the law; if the price increase is unreasonable but does not constitute an illegal act, interviews shall urge enterprises to take the initiative to correct it, and if necessary, measures such as public exposure, suspension of Internet connection and punishment for dishonesty shall be taken.

It is worth mentioning that the document specifically mentions that by the end of December 2019, a group of enterprises should be urged to take the initiative to correct improper price behavior, suspend the qualification of purchasing a batch of drugs with abnormal price increase on the Internet, punish a group of enterprises suspected of price violation, fraud or serious dishonesty, and expose a number of typical cases of abnormal price increase and monopoly, so that the momentum of excessive price increase can be curbed.

DATA FIGURE: Drug R&D equipment. Qian Chenfei photo

u2014u2014 Realize stable production and supply of 100 kinds of small-variety drugs (shortage drugs) by 2020

It is also the most important thing to ensure the medication of patients and improve the production and supply ability and quality level of drugs.

The document issued in this paper puts forward a clear goal: combining the demand of drug supply guarantee and the national layout, in 2019, we will further promote the construction of two concentrated production bases for small-variety drugs (shortage drugs), so as to increase 40 kinds of small-variety drugs (shortage drugs) for stable production and supply. By 2020, stable production and supply of 100 kinds of small-variety drugs (shortage drugs) will be realized.

The Opinion calls for the use of investment within the central budget to support the improvement of the ability to guarantee the supply of drugs in short supply. Through increasing support and guidance, promoting the quality and efficacy consistency evaluation of generic drugs, and improving drug procurement policies, we can promote the upgrading of pharmaceutical industry and optimize and improve the production and supply capacity and quality of drugs.

In addition, the document also mentions the need to increase the effective supply of pharmaceutical raw materials.

Promote pharmaceutical enterprises to form supply alliances with APIs enterprises, integrate high-quality industrial resources from upstream and downstream, guide APIs enterprises to supply directly to pharmaceutical enterprises, and encourage integrated production of APIs and pharmaceuticals. Implement relevant policies and measures to optimize the registration and approval procedures of APIs, continue to deepen the reform of release and control clothing and improve the efficiency and level of APIs and other approval.

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