Orange red: She lived for her husband all her life, but she was not spoiled. The husband explained the reason to the concubine.

 Orange red: She lived for her husband all her life, but she was not spoiled. The husband explained the reason to the concubine.

Mr. Rong took her dowry to do business, made a fortune, became rich, had villas and luxury houses in the city, had a company, and had an aunt-in-law.

He only goes back to his country home once a year, and theres a woman waiting for him to go home.

Even if he did not accompany her, give her love and care, nothing to her, she has no regrets. Instead, he blamed himself for not having children for that man.

The man also openly said in front of his second wife, who he did not like very much: The beauty of a woman is not the most important, the most important thing is to have children...

So the elder wife thought so, so she personally chose the third aunt for the man.

All her life, all her thoughts, hobbies, the purpose and significance of living are for that man. Besides, she seems to have no pursuit or extravagance. Such a life, of course, is tragic.

Without the appearance of the new love of the third aunt, it may be thought that the man would not be so good, not take women seriously, because the older and second wives, in fact, do not love, are not polite, even with disgust.

But the appearance of the three wives shows that he also has love, he will love, he also knows to respect women and love women. Only the first two wives did not appeal to him.

If the second wife is not spoiled because she only knows how to spend his money on food, drink and play every day, why cant the elder wife spoil the good woman who keeps the orange garden in the countryside?

For this reason, I soon heard him say to the third wife of the new couple. He means, Men dont like women who always try to figure out their minds, which can put a lot of pressure on men and even make them feel scared.

Obviously, this is the place where the elder lady made a fool of herself. She lived all her life for this man, figured out his thoughts everywhere, remembered all his habits and preferences, and did everything according to his requirements and his ideas, and never violated them.

In other words, in the process, she completely lost herself. Her existence is for the existence of this man.

Her love seems great and difficult, but it does bring pressure to men.

This is probably also the reason why master Rong doesnt like to go home and dote on her all the time. If you live with a person who is only for you, you cant see that character.

That person has no personality or specialty of his own. What you see is his persistence and humility to you and his flattery.

In fact, in other words, we should not lose ourselves because we love someone too much. You have no self, what to attract him.

If you want to get love and favor, you dont just pay for it. More of it is to attract each other with your charm.

If we just give, just please, and just do what the other party wants, we lose our balance, which is equivalent to the role of nanny and servant. Its not love, its obedience.

Especially men, for such women, they will not be too fond of. Because then it loses the desire to conquer and feels very boring.

They also feel too tired to get along with each other, and even feel as if they are taken care of by babies and appear to have no dignity.

Perhaps some people say that this is not satisfied, do not know how to cherish, indeed, some people are good to you, clearly should be grateful.

But gratitude and touching are not equal to love. Love is self-directed, voluntary and cant help it. Its the other person who hasnt done anything. You all have the impulse of heartbeat.

So, there must also be a yardstick for a lover, for example, he really needs and enjoys your good.

And on this fine line, dont give the other side a feeling of suffocation, that is, dont go too far, good enough to become the other sides burden of guilt.

At the same time, more importantly, we should also pay attention to our own feelings, not only the other side does not have their own eyes, so that their own existence into a slave in general.

Then why would he love you and spoil you? Because your relationship has been greatly skewed and unbalanced.

Of course, the grand lady in the play is not to be spoiled because her knowledge is not on the same level as Mr. Rong. In addition, she did not have her own personality and self, completely reduced to an appendage role in the life of an old man.