The most poisonous chicken soup in the world is called just watch it light!

 The most poisonous chicken soup in the world is called just watch it light!

Master Swordpain: Master Swordpain


There is a strange phenomenon in contemporary society.

Someone committed suicide - dont be sensitive. Sensitivity can kill people.

Did you ever think that it was the persistent persuasion of the people around him to be insensitive and be open-minded that led to many people choosing to commit suicide? Because he has no way to dont take it personally, all of you who want him to just look down on it have never understood his pain.

A star succeeded - he quit feeling, so he succeeded.

This success study succeeds in deceiving the public, because it attributes a persons success only to the emotional aspect. There is no mention of the capital operation and the opportunities of the times behind the stars.

If emotional withdrawal really succeeds, then we use nerve blockers, is it not human beings immediately entered a new era?

Since I wrote in 2016, this kind of explosive articles have been brushing the screen for three consecutive years, and are trying to publicize a core idea.

As long as you become indifferent to the world, you will really mature!

But I think the real maturity should not be indifference, should be a kind of gentleness, to oneself is a kind of healing gentleness, and to the enemy is a firm gentleness.

If we really regard the so-called not to be grateful for things, not sad for ourselves in some large population as a mature development direction.

Would we walk together in vain if we could not appreciate all the tastes of the world?


One of the most poisonous aspects of the weakness is that it refuses to acknowledge the positive effects of negative emotions and believes that we should eliminate them.

A few days ago, my old friend Adu solemnly asked me out again for the solemn purpose of asking me how to become a best-selling author by writing a public number.

When I heard it, I wanted to leave the first time because I thought it was a waste of time to tell him.

He asked me the same question three years ago.

Five years ago, I participated in the teaching competition organized by his unit, and then, without any surprise, won the penultimate.

Because I speak in a more fashionable way, maybe the judges like the kind of pat-on-pat, step-by-step.

However, Adu, who is also counting down, advised me.

Just a game, dont worry about it. The students in the class think youre okay. Im afraid youll encounter trouble when you lecture online. Even if you really win, they wont agree with you!

I did not listen to him, I firmly want to implement online classes.

After all, I won the first place in the provincial teaching contest and the penultimate in the unit. Where do I put my face?

To tell you the truth, the earliest motivation for me to open online classes is: Labor certificate for you to see!

This kind of mood, put in todays chicken soup text, will certainly be appropriately criticized.


Dont care about other peoples eyes!

Why sweep the whole world without sweeping the whole house? Be a man with light clouds and breeze!

The most absurd theory in this kind of chicken soup is to carry out Watanabe Chunyis Insensitive Force.

But these people must not have read the book well.

Watanabes insensitive power refers to the low sensitivity to the external negative evaluation and practical difficulties.

Because human instinct is lazy, people will accidentally strengthen external difficulties, too concerned about negative evaluation, in order to stay in place.

Therefore, insensitivity is not equal to dullness, it emphasizes a kind of endurance to difficulties, is the ability to face the outside world, it is still a positive attitude towards life.

So Labor Certificate for you to see is the real insensitivity.

A person is eager to get high evaluation from the outside world, which is an important emotional driving force in the theory of psychological motivation to help people progress.

Why do you abandon it?

Maybe its because our parents set the standard of being proven to be excellent when we were young. We can never reach the standard of trying to prove that we will only get failure, injury and humiliation.

So we gave it up to protect ourselves.

Thats true, but according to Watanabe Chunyis concept of insensitivity: in fact, we can do it, because there will be other motivations in the process of doing it, which will bring greater emotional motivation.

At the beginning, ADU said nothing wrong.

You have trouble giving lectures, and even if you succeed, those people wont recognize you!

After the successful harvest of millions of fans in online classes, some teachers in our school constantly report me anonymously, and anonymously at the same time in the departments, provinces and ministries.

And now my teaching evaluation is still reciprocal, many experts evaluation of my online course is sensationalism!

But now my motivation to improve teaching is no longer to prove it to others.

When popularity rose, books were sold. (Economic Motivation)

Many parents have accepted my idea and abandoned many wrong ideas such as raising children poorly and thanksgiving education. I think I have contributed to promoting social progress. (Helping Motivation)

So light clouds and light breezes is never a sign of maturity.

The world gives you pain, but it also gives you the opportunity to change.

Every crisis of yours, in fact, is the world telling you: You cant do this, you need to change!

And most peoples light clouds and light breezes not only take all the pain, but also refuse to change.

There is only one outcome, that is, the loss of hard-won opportunities.

Adu is married now, and the heavy burden of his family has forced him to get rid of his complete dependence on wages.

He recalled that he was also the first one in teaching. He wanted to open online classes.

I just started online classes that year, so I talked a little bit about psychology, and everybody likes to listen to it.

Now Adu, even if his teaching skills do not deteriorate, can not enter the scene.

Whats more, it seems that tremolo and B-station video teaching are popular nowadays.


Why is indifference and calm clearly a fine traditional Chinese culture, but many people use it as an excuse to escape difficulties.

There is such a sentence in the wonderful book Caigen Tan of Ming Dynasty:

The indifferent guard must be tried out from the dense and gorgeous field.

The practice of calmness has also been explored in various contexts.

Otherwise, the operation is undetermined and the application is not round.

Many people say at a young age, I look down on secularity, spoil and disgrace, and have long looked down on fame and wealth. In fact, he had no chance to come into contact with real fame or wealth.

Thus, his so-called dim point is like a girl who has never been in love, and suddenly one day she claims that she sees a man through.

Once her girlfriend falls in love, she begins to come up with all kinds of bad ideas, such as the one who loves you will never make you cry, he doesnt buy you a gift is the one who doesnt have you in his heart. Then she looks up at the sky at 45 degrees and tells you that there is no good thing for a man.

If you listen to his advice, you will definitely go into the pit.

Teacher Zhang of the local middle school said to me, Mr. Zhou, why do you work so hard? Wouldnt it be better to look down? Is it not good for us to climb the mountain in Shidengxiang? Is the water beautiful? Is it not good for us to live an ordinary life here?

Writer Han Han did not say, only ordinary is the only answer!

Listening to this sentence in the first day of junior high school, I feel very reasonable, but I always feel something wrong.

Later, when I had the opportunity to consult Han, Han Han said, I didnt mean that. He took it out of context!

Han Hans whole lyrics mean:

I have crossed mountains and seas, but also through the sea of people;

Everything I ever had was like smoke in a twinkling of an eye.

I was disappointed and lost all directions.

Until you see the ordinary, it is the only answer.

At this time, I suddenly knew that the real light clouds and light breezes is not an active choice of life style.

The real light clouds and light breezes are the mood of never forgetting the first heart formed after experiencing vicissitudes of life, experiencing the light and darkness of human nature, understanding the ups and downs of the circle of fame and wealth.

This is not for anyone to read a few chicken soup articles, listen to a few words of the elders can understand, the key lies in rich social experience.

However, most people have given up experiencing life when they say Look dim.

Theres another good saying from Caigen Tanli:

If you want to enter the WTO, you must first have the scenery outside the world, otherwise you cant get rid of dirt and turbidity. If you want to be born without dyeing, you must first know the taste of the world, otherwise you cant have the bitterness after the emptiness.

With our psychological explanation, calm is an emotional nerve chain.

The so-called nerve chain is the place that our brain uses to form thinking habits. The higher the organism, the more complex the nerve chain is.

The nerve chains of lower organisms and sprinklers must be simple. They have only right and wrong, wash the ground and smear in their brains.

The formation of emotional nerve chain can not be formed only through general learning or education.

It requires intense emotional reactions and multiple external stimuli to form.

Advanced nerve chains require complex interactions of emotions and stimuli to form.

Success says that 90% of your brain is undeveloped, and that must be deceiving you.

But you do have a lot of areas in your brain that are used to form nerve chains. If you waste it, your brain sends out a signal that you cant sleep.

Theres always something left undone. Theres no progress today.

So you punish yourself by sleeping late.

For most people, life is not a risk, but an irresistible torrent.

The real calm should be to laugh at difficulties and threats, rather than to shield all the information fate gives you. Because the former is a brave man, the latter is a coward.

Thats his article! He has a public name called Swordpain. The skills of speaking, the cultivation of EQ, how to alleviate the atmosphere in an awkward environment, and other communication methods are all written there, I believe you will love it.

He wrote about emotional interaction:

In his book, he writes:

There are too many people who dont see love as a way to achieve intimacy. And love, as a cure for boring life, and once and for all happy panacea. For those who constantly ask for love, love will leave him early.

Hes in Sorry, why dont I want to return your message! u300b It says:

Never bother a person who often says oh to you!

A truly powerful person will not care if the other party does not return your message.

Because when you send a message to the other person, its a gift, not a plea for compassion.