Overload, Running the Red Light, Opening the Far Light. Why do old drivers keep away from buses?

 Overload, Running the Red Light, Opening the Far Light. Why do old drivers keep away from buses?

As of this morning, according to the Wuxi Accident Rescue Command, the accident resulted in three deaths and two injuries. After preliminary analysis, the overturning of the overpass bridge is caused by the overloading of the transport vehicle.

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A viaduct collapsed in Wuxi (Source: CCTV)


Overload double truck and Viaduct with single pier

In a live photo released by the news upstream, we can see a large truck parked on the collapsed bridge and a large amount of steel scattered on the ground.

These scattered steel coils weigh 28535 kilograms per turn, or 28.535 tons.

Only in the scene picture, there are four steel coils scattered under the bridge! There are other goods!

The total weight of these four coils is over 110 tons!

We dont know the limit of the heavy truck in the accident for the time being, but according to the industry standard of urban bridge construction in our country, the maximum allowable design load of the first-class highway is 55 tons.

Some people have questioned whether the viaduct in this section is a tofu dregs project.

However, according to the announcement issued by the official website of Wuxi Audit Bureau in 2007 on the audit results of the final accounts of the completion of the extension project of Wuxi Section of National Highway 312, the extension project of Wuxi Section of National Highway 312 was carried out in 2003, started construction in September of that year, opened in June of 2005, and was accepted and accepted in November of 2005. The total length of Wuxi section of 312 National Highway is 48.436 kilometers, of which the old section is 21.356 kilometers and the modified section is 27.08 kilometers. The whole line is designed according to the standard of the first-class highway, with a design speed of 100 km/h (80 km/h for urban section). The quality of the project was evaluated as excellent grade by Wuxi Traffic Engineering Quality Supervision Station.

It fully conforms to the national norms.

However, the high-priced section of the bridge is a common single-column pier bridge in China.

Although this kind of single-column pier bridge can reduce the occupation of land for the ground, it also has the problem of easy lateral instability and overturning. For example, the 12-year Harbin Bridge roll accident and 16-year Shanghai Central Bridge roll accident are actually the same reasons as the Wuxi viaduct roll accident.

However, most of the early design codes of Viaducts in China draw lessons from foreign experience and fully meet international standards, but the problem is that no country has such a serious overload problem of large trucks!


Friends who drive past all know how horizontal the truck is on the road!

Overload, overspeed, traffic jam, red light, far light... I believe you have met on the road more than once.

But did you hit it?

No matter how good your car is, it cant crash, so you can only hide far away!

Especially those overloaded trucks, where inertia is placed, can not stop at all.

And their vision blind area is very large, even if you are a little distance from them, it is easy to be rolled under the wheel!

But youre making money out of your life and the lives of others.

Which is more important, the less money or the life flower?

Not overloading, it does earn less, but at least live steadily.

How can we deserve the sympathy of others if we ignore the lives of ourselves and others for the sake of money?

At the same time, teachers also noticed that as early as two and a half years ago, an individual author discovered and put forward the phenomenon of running large trucks on high-speed bridges in Wuxi, and appealed to the relevant departments to strictly control large trucks, and everyone actively reported it.

In this regard, teachers also call on the relevant departments to strictly implement their responsibilities! Peoples life safety is more important than Mount Tai! Its no kidding!

Auxiliaries depend on each other and their lips are dead and teeth are cold. No matter where you are, if you find any violation of regulations on heavy trucks, I hope you can call the police immediately!


How to deal with trucks when driving?

Tip 1: Dont drive long on the right side of the truck

Big trucks are much bigger than family cars. Its not only very stressful to run with them, but also unsafe. Because of the blind area, trucks tend to overlook the cars next to them. This situation is similar to when a bridge car encounters a cement pile with a lower height. If the cement pile is in a blind area, the bridge car will easily be recruited.

It should be noted that the blind area on the right side of the truck is larger than that on the left side. If we drive on the right side of the truck for a long time, it will be very dangerous. In case the truck changes to the right side, the driver may not be aware of the existence of the right side of the truck. If there is a collision, it will be the car that will suffer.

Skills 2: Observing the details and judging the condition of trucks

When we encounter a truck on the road, we might as well quickly observe these details: the neatness of the goods, the cleanliness of the vehicle, the degree of damage to the body, the condition of tires, and so on. Observing these details can be used as a basis for judging the condition of trucks and drivers habits--the neatness of the goods indicates the management standard of the fleet; the cleanliness and less damage of the vehicles indicate that the driver carefully cherishes the truck (careful drivers drive more reliable); the old and new degree of tires is related to whether the truck has a potential tire burst. Observing these details is not easy, because a truck in good condition will not become a beast affecting the safety of the highway, and which damaged trucks are the source of danger.

Tip 3: Dont follow a truck full of loads or unstable goods.

If the goods on the truck are not fixed properly, it is easy for the truck to overturn the goods or other heavy objects. Even if the following car is not hit, it has to brake its feet to avoid danger. The degree of danger is obvious.

Tip 4: Keep enough distance to brake at any time while following the truck

If we have to follow the truck, we must also keep enough distance to brake at any time. This is because the truck cab has a high vision and the truck driver can find the situation ahead in advance. So if the front truck brakes, we brake anyway. At this time, do not take the opportunity to overtake, in case the truck suddenly brakes out of control, the nearer it is, the easier it will become the victim of its sweep.

As for the sufficient trailing distance, according to the Road Traffic Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China, when the speed exceeds 100 km/h, the safe distance is more than 100 meters; when the speed is less than 100 km/h, the minimum safe distance shall not be less than 50 meters. If you find the distance difficult to judge, you can follow the old drivers three seconds distance method of operation - before the car started by passing a sign, counting three seconds. It takes three seconds for your car to reach the sign, indicating that it is within a safe distance; if it arrives or passes within three seconds, it means that the safety distance is insufficient.

Tip 5: Be quick when overtaking trucks and keep an eye on the truck dynamics

Its right to overtake a truck on the highway as soon as possible. However, in the process of overtaking, we must pay close attention to the direction of the truck. As mentioned earlier, the blind area of the truck is much larger than that of the car. When you overtake it, it may not find your existence.

Tip 6: The rear of the truck should change lanes at any time.

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