The 15-year-old parade girl was killed at the floating corpse sea? Hong Kong police have punctured five rumors in a row

 The 15-year-old parade girl was killed at the floating corpse sea? Hong Kong police have punctured five rumors in a row

[Global Times-Global Network reports on Hong Kong correspondent Bai Yunyi Zhao Juehun] Recently, rumors about targeting the Hong Kong police have been widely spread on the Internet, one after another absurd guys (stories) and false news have been flying all over the sky, trying to stir up more hostility or government sentiment and fuel the situation in Hong Kong. In response to this situation, the Hong Kong police at the 11 th press conference focused on refuting rumors, responding to a number of false rumors on the Internet, and frankly said that the producers of these rumors were malicious in order to deliberately tear up Hong Kong society.

Hong Kong Police held a press conference on 11 October (photo source: Hong Kong media)

The first rumor that the police responded to on November 11 was the allegation that a female student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong had been subjected to police sexual violence the previous day. At a dialogue at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on the evening of the 10th, a girl complained in tears that she had been subjected to sexual violence by the police at the Xinwuling detention center in Hong Kong. She said, If they want to scold you, they will scold you, they will hit you, they will sexual violence you, you cant resist it. The next day, she changed her mind on social media, saying that she had been subjected to sexual violence at Kwai Chung police station.

In response to the incident, the Hong Kong police took the initiative to issue a statement at a press conference on November 11, saying that the police attached great importance to the allegation and began investigating and contacting the victim through various channels in the morning, but could not contact the girl. The complaint department of the police force has not received any reports of sexual violence in Xinwuling detention center and Kwai Chung police station so far. I hope this girl can report the case as soon as possible so that the police can find out the truth.

Hong Kong police said they would deal with the allegation with great seriousness and sensitivity, and that no matter who the victim was or what she had done, they would protect her identity and investigate the allegation fairly and impartially. At the same time, the police suggested that the university should accompany the victim to the police station to investigate the complaint, and pleaded with the owner and other persons who could provide information to provide evidence for the police to find out the truth. In order to ensure that the parties can report the case safely, the police will also take more measures, such as investigating the case by police officers of the same sex with her, introducing the girl to the services of non-governmental organizations, and allowing suitable persons to accompany her for investigation as long as there is no obstruction to judicial justice.

The second rumor widely spread on the Internet is the so-called 15-year-old girl killed and floating corpse at sea for participating in the parade. According to Hong Kong and Taiwan media reports earlier, on September 22, fishermen found a naked female floating corpse at the seaside. Some evidence pointed out that the deceased was most likely a 15-year-old girl named Chen Yanlin who disappeared on September 19. The media such as Apple Daily and Taiwan Freedom Times have thus launched imagination, suggesting that Chen Yanlin has participated in many anti-government marches, so there are such possibilities as police killing people and police forcing people to commit suicide, intending to use this matter to touch porcelain the Hong Kong police.

In response, the Hong Kong police said on November 11 that the police were very sure that the girl had not been arrested for participating in the anti-revision campaign and that no suspicious circumstances had been found in her death. Police said it was impossible to disclose to the public whether the deceased had been arrested for other reasons because of their personal privacy. According to preliminary forensic investigation, there are no suspicious wounds and sexual assault marks on the dead girl, but the cause of death still needs more time to determine. The police have contacted their families, and many of the information is confidential, but the background of the deceased is not suspicious, and no suspicious circumstances have been found at the scene of the death.

Another Hong Kong media claim that the police brutally treated a pregnant arrest, and the police are also responding that the police will be the first time the arrest to the hospital, there are female police officers in charge of her security. The police checked the identity of the arrested person in an independent investigation room in the hospital and facilitated the rescue of the medical staff. During this period, the police have always respected the privacy of the pregnant arrested person and her medical requirements.

On the same day, the police also responded to the rumor that Mainland law enforcement officers have infiltrated the Hong Kong Police Force, saying that this was never the case. As well as online rumors that police officers disguised as demonstrators entered the Shanghai Railway Station on the 8th to destroy the facilities, the police also responded on the 11th that due to the rampant destruction of the MTR, the police had been sending police officers to patrol various MTR stations during this period to maintain public order. At that time, the person was actually a plainclothes policeman, but he never committed illegal acts.

There have been many false news on the Internet recently, deliberately tarnishing the Hong Kong Police Force. We cant accept these rumors! Hong Kong Police said on November 11 that the makers of these rumors were malicious and their real purpose was to deliberately tear Hong Kong society apart.

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