Did the university students in Hong Kong stop and scold the Party newspaper of the principal: Bowen Yongli have been accomplished?

 Did the university students in Hong Kong stop and scold the Party newspaper of the principal: Bowen Yongli have been accomplished?

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At the HKCU Dialogue, the principal was unable to leave after being abused (Source: World Wide Web)

A teacher-student dialogue meeting was held at school on the 10th. The teacher sat on the stage, treading on thin ice, trembling and speaking with great care, as if he was being tried; the students were crowded with the meeting hall, and they were in a violent and perverse mood. From time to time, they greeted the teacher with rude words, hisses and laser pens, as if they were fighting. This school is the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This scene is the landmark that this university has recently presented to the society.

Hong Kong is restless, its campuses are violated, and Ivory Tower conflicts are frequent. Today, it is no longer a clean place. At this time, the Chinese University of Hong Kong organizes dialogue, listens to students demands, relieves students confusion, and hopes that both teachers and students can work together to cool down the schools tense environment, which is similar to the community dialogue initiated by the SAR government. This is a good thing. But what people see is that dialogue is not peaceful and exchanges, nor rational interaction. Some radical students just make their speeches overwhelming, and talk over them. As long as they say and dont let others say, as long as they share their own views and dont express different views, as long as they have their own freedom of speech and other peoples freedom of speech, they will abuse and siege if they dont say a word. Bullying, life will make dialogue into a battle party, these students are rude, rude and even despicable performance, how can we not let people chill?

Bowen Yongli is the motto of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Learn from literature, make an appointment with courtesy, you can also be a man of Phalanx! Understanding bias, lack of education, respect for teachers and respect for Tao are all missing. The words and deeds of the students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong at the dialogue meeting can be described as seldom benevolent. They turn a blind eye to the violence caused by the mob and praise it blindly; they boo around and interfere with the painstaking admonishment of their old alumni; they bully and bully the voices of students with different opinions; even if the principals response is slightly poor, they insult them mercilessly. During this period, some people in Hong Kong said that the Chinese University of Hong Kong had become Hong Kong Riot University. This judgment, this feeling, compared with the performance of these radical students at the dialogue meeting, and then look at the four words Bowen Yongli on their school emblem. Is it wrong? Sarcasm?

It is impossible for students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to be unaware of their school history. Under the British and Hong Kong government, the older generation of adults have shouldered the mission of revitalizing Chinese culture, and the school name and motto have placed countless patriotic and patriotic expectations on Hong Kong compatriots. Li Zhuomin, the founding principal, once said, No university can be separated from its own national background. Shen Zuyao, former president, said: The Chinese University of Hong Kong was founded with Chinese humanistic spirit. Shouldnt this be the national sentiment and humanistic spirit that the students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong should inherit, promote and read today? Sieging principals and bullying students with different opinions do not know how to be inclusive and to distinguish right from wrong. They even act as pioneers and black-clothed thugs who undermine freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Are they worthy of the history and ancestors of the school and their honor and status as a member of CUHK?

During the dialogue, the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed its tolerance and restraint. It is commendable that the school side is willing to talk with each other and is conscientious and painstaking. But whether there is no bottom line to concede, listen to one-sided words, let students fool around, should also be think twice. Some female students of CUHK said that they were arrested and subjected to sexual violence because they participated in demonstrations. Despite its tears and tears, it did not provide precise evidence and detailed content, and the police have said that no complaints have been received. The truth is not clear, the case has not yet been investigated, and if the school condemns a party only by one persons words, it is unfair and unjust. In the face of illegal violence, of course, everyone should oppose it; if it is slandered and framed, of course, everyone should say no. When there are battles and bullying on campus, and when some students are extremely aggressive and take part in illegal activities, the school should wipe their eyes, straighten up their waists, curb the evil spirits and save the students in danger. Only concessions can be indulgent. Without a firm stand and a clear attitude in the face of major and minor issues, it will only betray the idea of educating and educating people in schools, smash the signs that the schools have worked hard to build up, and harm more children who have been incited.

The chaos at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Dialogue also appeared on the campuses of other schools in Hong Kong. Earlier, the president of Lingnan University was kidnapped to take part in the parade; the day before yesterday, the lecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic University was imprisoned by students for five hours because he said he wanted to punish violence; today, the students of Open University of Hong Kong forced the president to come out to talk and threaten with deadline. An obvious fact is that under the black terror, the claws of violence are stretching towards the campus, some students are wrapped in, and some are still sick. These universities, with the motto of Mingde, Gongcheng and Yue Li, should understand the importance and urgency of curbing violence and chaos, and should act to save the children so that they are not incited to control or invaded by violence.

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